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2022-12-01On correlation of stamping process with fiber angle variation and structural performance of thermoplastic compositesWang, Z; Luo, J; Gong, Z; Luo, Q; Li, Q; Sun, G
2022-11-01Experimental study on interface failure behavior of 3D printed continuous fiber reinforced compositesKong, X; Luo, J; Luo, Q; Li, Q; Sun, G
2022-10-01On strain rate and temperature dependent mechanical properties and constitutive models for additively manufactured polylactic acid (PLA) materialsLuo, J; Luo, Q; Zhang, G; Li, Q; Sun, G
2022-09-01A Discrete Current Controller for High Power-Density Synchronous MachinesMa, H; Li, L; Fan, Y; Guo, Y; Jin, Z; Luo, J
2022-08-30Open Set Domain Adaptation With Soft Unknown-Class Rejection.Xu, Y; Chen, L; Duan, L; Tsang, IW; Luo, J
2022-01-01Secure and Reliable Indoor Localization Based on Multi-Task Collaborative Learning for Large-Scale BuildingsWang, C; Luo, J; Liu, X; He, X
2021-11-08Using graphene oxide to improve physical property and control ASR expansion of cement mortarLuo, J; Zhou, C; Li, W; Chen, S; Habibnejad Korayem, A; Duan, W
2021-10-17Latent Memory-augmented Graph Transformer for Visual StorytellingQi, M; Qin, J; Huang, D; Shen, Z; Yang, Y; Luo, J
2021-05-01Born to Rebel? The Owner Birth Order and R&D Investments in Chinese Family FirmsHelena Li, W; Luo, J; De Sisto, M; Bartram, T
2021-01-01Bipartite Consensus Control for a Swarm of RobotsLiu, J; Li, H; Ji, J; Luo, J
2021-01-01Electricity Price-Aware Consolidation Algorithms for Time-sensitive VM Services in Cloud SystemsWu, W; Wang, W; Fang, X; Luo, J; Vasilakos, AV
2021-01-01Cognitive Style’s Effects on User Task Performance in Network VisualisationsLomov, ND; Huang, W; Luo, J; Nguyen, QV
2021Novelty Detection and Online Learning for Chunk Data Streams.Wang, Y; Ding, Y; He, X; Fan, X; Lin, C; Li, F; Wang, T; Luo, Z; Luo, J
2021Semantics-Aware Spatial-Temporal Binaries for Cross-Modal Video Retrieval.Qi, M; Qin, J; Yang, Y; Wang, Y; Luo, J
2020-12-01Group-Bipartite Consensus in the Networks with Cooperative-Competitive InteractionsLiu, J; Li, H; Ji, J; Luo, J
2020-11-01Accelerating Skycube Computation with Partial and Parallel Processing for Service SelectionDong, F; Luo, J; Jin, J; Shi, J; Yang, Y; Shen, J
2020-11Redundancy and multifunctionality among spinal locomotor networks.Pham, BN; Luo, J; Anand, H; Kola, O; Salcedo, P; Nguyen, C; Gaunt, S; Zhong, H; Garfinkel, A; Tillakaratne, N; Edgerton, VR
2020-10-12Few-Shot Ensemble Learning for Video Classification with SlowFast Memory NetworksQi, M; Qin, J; Zhen, X; Huang, D; Yang, Y; Luo, J
2020-07-29The Effect of Owner Birth Order on R&D Investments in Family FirmsLi, W; Luo, J
2020-03-01Facilitating Application-Aware Bandwidth Allocation in the Cloud with One-Step-Ahead Traffic InformationShen, D; Luo, J; Dong, F; Jin, J; Zhan, J; Shen, J