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2021-12Machine learning aided phase field method for fracture mechanicsFeng, Y; Wang, Q; Wu, D; Luo, Z; Chen, X; Zhang, T; Gao, W
2021-11Design optimization of multifunctional metamaterials with tunable thermal expansion and phononic bandgapZhang, X; Ye, H; Wei, N; Tao, R; Luo, Z
2021-10Shape matters-the interaction of gold nanoparticles with model lung surfactant monolayers.Hossain, SI; Luo, Z; Deplazes, E; Saha, SC
2021-08-03IgaTop: an implementation of topology optimization for structures using IGA in MATLABGao, J; Wang, L; Luo, Z; Gao, L
2021-08A multi-objective optimization of stent geometriesGharleghi, R; Wright, H; Luvio, V; Jepson, N; Luo, Z; Senthurnathan, A; Babaei, B; Prusty, BG; Ray, T; Beier, S
2021-07Concurrent design for structures and material microstructures under hybrid uncertaintiesZheng, Y; Wang, Y; Luo, Z; Lu, X; Qu, J
2021-04-15Topological design of pentamode metamaterials with additive manufacturingWu, S; Luo, Z; Li, Z; Liu, S; Zhang, LC
2021-04-01Topological design of pentamode lattice metamaterials using a ground structure methodLi, Z; Luo, Z; Zhang, L-C; Wang, C-H
2021-01-15Design of Three-Dimensional Isotropic Pentamode Metamaterials Using Topology OptimizationLuo, Z; Wu, S; Li, Z; Chinesta, F; Abgrall, R; Allix, O; Néron, D; Kaliske, M
2021-01Engineering three-dimensional labyrinthine fractal acoustic metamaterials with low-frequency multi-band sound suppression.Man, X; Xia, B; Luo, Z; Liu, J; Li, K; Nie, Y
2020-12-01Self-supporting topology optimization method for selective laser meltingWang, Y; Xia, J; Luo, Z; Yan, H; Sun, J; Lü, E
2020-11-02Rational Design of Pentamode Metamaterials by Topology OptimizationLuo, Z; Li, Z
2020-09-16Performance Enhancement of Permeable Asphalt Mixtures With Recycled Aggregate for Concrete Pavement ApplicationLei, B; Li, W; Luo, Z; Tam, VWY; Dong, W; Wang, K
2020-06-01Structural response monitoring of concrete beam under flexural loading using smart carbon black/cement-based sensorsDong, W; Li, W; Luo, Z; Long, G; Vessalas, K; Sheng, D
2020-06-01Large-scale baseflow index prediction using hydrological modelling, linear and multilevel regression approachesZhang, J; Zhang, Y; Song, J; Cheng, L; Kumar Paul, P; Gan, R; Shi, X; Luo, Z; Zhao, P
2020-05-01A NURBS-based Multi-Material Interpolation (N-MMI) for isogeometric topology optimization of structuresGao, J; Luo, Z; Xiao, M; Gao, L; Li, P
2020-04-01Topology Optimization of Micro-Structured Materials Featured with the Specific Mechanical PropertiesGao, J; Li, H; Luo, Z; Gao, L; Li, P
2020-01-01Self-sensing capabilities of cement-based sensor with layer-distributed conductive rubber fibresDong, W; Li, W; Wang, K; Luo, Z; Sheng, D
2020-01-01Structure and Metal Binding Properties of Chlamydia trachomatis YtgALuo, Z; Neville, SL; Campbell, R; Morey, JR; Menon, S; Thomas, M; Eijkelkamp, BA; Ween, MP; Huston, WM; Kobe, B; McDevittd, CA
2020-01-01Design of multiscale composites using robust topology optimization of level setsZheng, J; Luo, Z; Jiang, C