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2022-11Powder bed fusion manufacturing of beta-type titanium alloys for biomedical implant applications: a reviewZhang, L-C; Chen, L-Y; Zhou, S; Luo, Z
2022-09-01Design of Multi-material Isotropic Auxetic Microlattices with Zero Thermal ExpansionLi, Z; Gao, W; Yu Wang, M; Luo, Z
2022-06Structural and biochemical characterization of Acinetobacter baumannii ZnuA.Alquethamy, S; Ganio, K; Luo, Z; Hossain, SI; Hayes, AJ; Ve, T; Davies, MR; Deplazes, E; Kobe, B; McDevitt, CA
2022-05-01Optimized high thermal insulation by the topological design of hierarchical structuresZheng, Y; Luo, Z; Wang, Y; Li, Z; Qu, J; Zhang, C
2022-04-01A critical review on phase change materials (PCM) for sustainable and energy efficient building: Design, characteristic, performance and applicationWang, X; Li, W; Luo, Z; Wang, K; Shah, SP
2022-02-01Nano/micromechanical characterisation and image analysis on the properties and heterogeneity of ITZs in geopolymer concreteLuo, Z; Li, W; Wang, K; Shah, SP; Sheng, D
2022-01-19Rational Control on Quantum Emitter Formation in Carbon-Doped Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride.Liu, H; Mendelson, N; Abidi, IH; Li, S; Liu, Z; Cai, Y; Zhang, K; You, J; Tamtaji, M; Wong, H; Ding, Y; Chen, G; Aharonovich, I; Luo, Z
2021-12Machine learning aided phase field method for fracture mechanicsFeng, Y; Wang, Q; Wu, D; Luo, Z; Chen, X; Zhang, T; Gao, W
2021-11-13OpenMix: Reviving Known Knowledge for Discovering Novel Visual Categories in an Open WorldZhong, Z; Zhu, L; Luo, Z; Li, S; Yang, Y; Sebe, N
2021-11Design optimization of multifunctional metamaterials with tunable thermal expansion and phononic bandgapZhang, X; Ye, H; Wei, N; Tao, R; Luo, Z
2021-10Shape matters-the interaction of gold nanoparticles with model lung surfactant monolayers.Hossain, SI; Luo, Z; Deplazes, E; Saha, SC
2021-09-29Nanoscratch on mechanical properties of interfacial transition zones (ITZs) in fly ash-based geopolymer compositesLi, W; Luo, Z; Gan, Y; Wang, K; Shah, SP
2021-08-03IgaTop: an implementation of topology optimization for structures using IGA in MATLABGao, J; Wang, L; Luo, Z; Gao, L
2021-08A multi-objective optimization of stent geometriesGharleghi, R; Wright, H; Luvio, V; Jepson, N; Luo, Z; Senthurnathan, A; Babaei, B; Prusty, BG; Ray, T; Beier, S
2021-07Concurrent design for structures and material microstructures under hybrid uncertaintiesZheng, Y; Wang, Y; Luo, Z; Lu, X; Qu, J
2021-05-03Investigation on effect of nanosilica dispersion on the properties and microstructures of fly ash-based geopolymer compositeLuo, Z; Li, W; Li, P; Wang, K; Shah, SP
2021-05-01Comparison on the properties of ITZs in fly ash-based geopolymer and Portland cement concretes with equivalent flowabilityLuo, Z; Li, W; Wang, K; Castel, A; Shah, SP
2021-04-15Topological design of pentamode metamaterials with additive manufacturingWu, S; Luo, Z; Li, Z; Liu, S; Zhang, LC
2021-04-01Topological design of pentamode lattice metamaterials using a ground structure methodLi, Z; Luo, Z; Zhang, L-C; Wang, C-H
2021-03-01Nanoindentation on micromechanical properties and microstructure of geopolymer with nano-SiO<inf>2</inf> and nano-TiO<inf>2</inf>Luo, Z; Li, W; Gan, Y; He, X; Castel, A; Sheng, D