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Jan-2009Measuring and comparing civil societiesLyons, MJ
Jan-2008Not-for-profit organisations and business: Mapping the extent and scope of community-business partnerships in AustraliaZappala, G; Lyons, MJ; Jo Barraket
Jan-2008Three models of organisational governance in Asia's third sectorLyons, MJ; Nivison-Smith, I; Hasan, S; Onyx, J
Jan-2008Third sector organisation governance: Introducing the themes and the chaptersHasan, AS; Lyons, MJ; Onyx, J; Hasan, S; Onyx, J
Jan-2007Capital Access of Nonprofit OrganisationsLyons, MJ; North-Samardzic, A; Young, AL
Jan-2007Third Sector Opportunities and Challenges: a Four-Sector AnalysisLyons, MJ
Jan-2006The relationship between religion and volunteering in AustraliaLyons, MJ; Nivison-Smith, I
Jan-2006The impact of religion on giving in AustraliaLyons, MJ
Jan-2006Policy lessons for stengthening nonprofitsO'Donoghue, P; McGregor-Lowndes, M; Lyons, MJ
Jan-2006Factors associated with fundraising dependency among nonprofit organisations in AustraliaZappala, G; Lyons, MJ
Jan-2006Researching giving and volunteering in AustraliaLyons, MJ; McGregor-Lowndes, M; O'Donoghue, P
Jan-2006Nonprofits and social capital: measurement through organizational surveysPassey, AC; Lyons, MJ
Jan-2006Need public policy ignore the third sector? Government policy in Australia and the United KingdomLyons, MJ; Passey, AC
Jan-2005Voluntary associations and political participationPassey, AC; Lyons, MJ; Wilson, S; Meagher, G; Gibson, R; Denemark, D; Western, M
Jan-2005Advocacy organisations in Australian politics: Governance and democratic effectsDalton, BM; Lyons, MJ
Jan-2003Improving government - community sector relationsLyons, MJ
Jan-2003The legal and regulatory environment of the third sectorLyons, MJ