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2009-12-01Frequency and percolation dependence of the observed phase transition in nanostructured and doped VO<inf>2</inf> thin filmsGentle, AR; Smith, GB; Maaroof, AI
2009-05-05The preparation of a plasmonically resonant VO<inf>2</inf> thermochromic pigmentBai, H; Cortie, MB; Maaroof, AI; Dowd, A; Kealley, C; Smith, GB
2009-01-01The versatile colour gamut of coatings of plasmonic metal nanoparticlesKealley, CS; Cortie, MB; Maaroof, AI; Xu, X
2008-12-01Mie and bragg plasmons in subwavelength silver semi-shellsMaaroof, AI; Cortie, MB; Harris, N; Wieczorek, L
2008-10-22Percolation in nanoporous gold and the principle of universality for two-dimensional to hyperdimensional networksSmith, GB; Maaroof, AI; Cortie, MB
2008-08-01Nanocapacitive circuit elementsZareie, HM; Morgan, SW; Moghaddam, M; Maaroof, AI; Cortie, MB; Phillips, MR
2007-12-01Optical and electrical switching in nanostructured coatings of VO <inf>2</inf>Gentle, AR; Maaroof, AI; Cortie, MB; Smith, GB
2007-09-21Bulk and surface plasmons in highly nanoporous gold filmsMaaroof, AI; Gentle, A; Smith, GB; Cortie, MB
2007-08-02Mesoporous gold spongeCortie, MB; Maaroof, AI; Stokes, N; Mortari, A
2007-05-15Mesoporous gold sponge as a prototype 'metamaterial'Maaroof, AI; Cortie, MB; Gentle, A; Smith, GB
2007-04-25Mapping surface plasmons at the nanometre scale with an electron beamBosman, M; Keast, VJ; Watanabe, M; Maaroof, AI; Cortie, MB
2007-03-01Homogenized Lorentz-Drude optical response in highly nanoporous conducting gold layers produced by de-alloyingSmith, GB; Maaroof, AI; Gentle, A
2007-01-17Nanograin VO<inf>2</inf> in the metal phase: A plasmonic system with falling dc resistivity as temperature risesGentle, A; Maaroof, AI; Smith, GB
2005-08-01Effective optical constants of nanostructured thin silver films and impact of an insulator coatingMaaroof, AI; Smith, GB
2005-07-01Optical properties of mesoporous gold filmsMaaroof, AI; Cortie, MB; Smith, GB
2005-05-13Fabrication of hollow metal "nanocaps" and their red-shifted optical absorption spectraLiu, J; Maaroof, AI; Wieczorek, L; Cortie, MB
2005-01-01Electrochemical capacitance of mesoporous goldCortie, MB; Maaroof, AI; Smith, GB
2005-01The apparent optical indices of spongy nanoporous goldSmith, G; Cortie, MB; Maaroof, AI; Colla, M
2004-12-08Optical response in nanostructured thin metal films with dielectric over-layersSmith, GB; Maaroof, AI
2004-12-01Optical response of nanostructured metal/dielectric composites and multilayersSmith, GB; Maaroof, AI; Allan, RS; Schelm, S; Anstis, GR; Cortie, MB