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1-May-2018Has planning been de-democratised in Sydney?MacDonald, H
17-Feb-2018The geography of rental housing discrimination, segregation, and social exclusion: New evidence from SydneyMacDonald, H; Galster, G; Dufty-Jones, R
1-Jan-2018What explains the differential treatment of renters based on ethnicity? New evidence from sydneyGalster, G; MacDonald, H; Nelson, J
1-Oct-2016Rental Discrimination in the Multi-ethnic Metropolis: Evidence from SydneyMacDonald, H; Nelson, J; Galster, G; Paradies, Y; Dunn, K; Dufty-Jones, R
15-Mar-2015‘Fantasies of Consensus:’ Planning Reform in Sydney, 2005–2013MacDonald, H
1-Jan-2015Ethnic discrimination in private rental housing markets in AustraliaNelson, J; MacDonald, H; Jones, RD; Dunn, K; Paradies, Y
1-Jan-2015Cyclonic entrainment of preconditioned shelf waters into a frontal eddyEverett, JD; MacDonald, H; Baird, ME; Humphries, J; Roughan, M; Suthers, IM
1-Dec-2012Rental markets and tenant vulnerability in SydneyMacDonald, H
1-Dec-2012Urban form and rail investment: Impacts on housing prices in SydneyGhosh, S; MacDonald, H; Ge, XJ
5-Nov-2012Managing the consequences of financial crisis: A long view of housing dispositionMacDonald, H
1-Dec-2010Can we make affordable, accessible housing financially feasible in Sydney?MacDonald, H
28-Jun-2010Neighbourhood valuation effects from new construction of low-income housing tax credit projects in Iowa: A natural experimentFunderburg, R; MacDonald, H
1-Sep-2006The American community survey: Warmer (more current), but fuzzier (less precise) than the decennial censusMacDonald, H
1-Jul-2005Reforming private housing finance: Evaluating the achievements of the Clinton administrationMacDonald, H
-Planning for the Public Benefit in the Entrepreneurial City: Public Land Speculation and Financialized RegulationMacDonald, H