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2020-01Calcineurin Inhibitor-free Maintenance Immunosuppression After Heart Transplantation-Are We There Yet?Macdonald, P
2020004 Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance for Rejection Surveillance After Cardiac TransplantationAnthony, C; Imran, M; Pouliopoulos, J; Emmanuel, S; Iliff, J; Ross, J; Moffat, K; Mccrohon, J; Holloway, C; Kotlyar, E; Muthiah, K; Keogh, A; Hayward, C; Macdonald, P; Jabbour, A
2020766 Acceptance and Uptake of Wearable Cardiac Technologies in Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-SynthesisFerguson, C; Inglis, S; Breen, P; Gargiulo, G; Macdonald, P; Byiers, V; Hickman, L
2020641 Perceptions of Older Adults Towards the Use of Wearable Cardiac Monitoring TechnologiesFerguson, C; Turkmani, S; Hickman, L; Breen, P; Gargiulo, G; Macdonald, P; Inglis, S
2020772 Wearable Cardiac Technologies for Older Adults, Clinician Perspectives on the Design and ApplicationFerguson, C; Inglis, S; Breen, P; Gargiulo, G; Macdonald, P; Byiers, V; Hickman, L
2020144 Outcomes of Patients With Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension Risk Stratified by a Dedicated Heart Team to Receive Pulmonary Endarectomy or Balloon Pulmonary AngiogiplastyBart, N; Ambati, C; Kearney, K; Scheuer, S; Emmanuel, S; Wilsom, M; Macdonald, P; Keogh, A; Boshell, D; Kotlyar, E; Dhital, K; Jansz, P
2020158 Reconsidering the Threshold: Should Pulmonary Vascular Resistance >2 Wood Units be Considered Pulmonary Hypertension?Lo, P; Kearney, K; Brown, K; Corrigan, C; Pidoux, A; Muthiah, K; Jabbour, A; Hayward, C; Macdonald, P; Kotlyar, E
2020063 A Case of Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension in a Heart Transplant Patient, Successfully Treated With Pulmonary EndarterectomyWiltshire, S; Kearney, K; Hayward, C; Dhital, K; Kotlyar, E; Macdonald, P; Keogh, A
2020298 Caught in the Act: a Clinical DilemmaCarroll, J; Kearney, K; Jones, K; Meredith, T; McGrath-Cadell, L; Wang, L; Omari, A; Kotlyar, E; Jansz, P; Hayward, C; Macdonald, P
2020161 Renal Histology associated With Cardiorenal Syndrome in Patients With Advanced Heart FailureBarua, S; Muthiah, K; Sevastos, J; Macdonald, P; Hayward, C
2020622 Renal Resistive Index and Acute Kidney Injury During Mechanical Circulatory SupportBarua, S; Muthiah, K; Macdonald, P; Hayward, C
2020Frailty as a Predictor of Mortality in Patients with Interstitial Lung Disease Referred for TransplantationMontgomery, E; Macdonald, P; Newton, P; Chang, S; Jha, S; Hannu, M; Thomson, C; Malouf, M; Havryk, A
2019-08Native T1 Mapping in the Diagnosis of Cardiac Allograft Rejection: A Prospective Histologically Validated Study.Imran, M; Wang, L; McCrohon, J; Yu, C; Holloway, C; Otton, J; Huang, J; Stehning, C; Moffat, KJ; Ross, J; Puntmann, VO; Vassiliou, VS; Prasad, S; Kotlyar, E; Keogh, A; Hayward, C; Macdonald, P; Jabbour, A
2019-07Pulsatile Conduit Pressure Gradients in the HeartWare HVAD.Jain, P; Shehab, S; Stevens, M; Macdonald, P; Jansz, P; Hayward, C
2019-06-01An integrated molecular diagnostic report for heart transplant biopsies using an ensemble of diagnostic algorithmsParkes, MD; Aliabadi, AZ; Cadeiras, M; Crespo-Leiro, MG; Deng, M; Depasquale, EC; Goekler, J; Kim, DH; Kobashigawa, J; Loupy, A; Macdonald, P; Potena, L; Zuckermann, A; Halloran, PF
2019-06Heart transplantation from donation-after-circulatory-death (DCD) donors: Back to the future-Evolving trends in heart transplantation from DCD donors.Macdonald, P; Dhital, K
2019-04-02Outcomes of Donation After Circulatory Death Heart Transplantation in AustraliaChew, HC; Iyer, A; Connellan, M; Scheuer, S; Villanueva, J; Gao, L; Hicks, M; Harkness, M; Soto, C; Dinale, A; Nair, P; Watson, A; Granger, E; Jansz, P; Muthiah, K; Jabbour, A; Kotlyar, E; Keogh, A; Hayward, C; Graham, R; Spratt, P; Macdonald, P; Dhital, K
2018-12-01Outcomes of venopulmonary arterial extracorporeal life support as temporary right ventricular support after left ventricular assist implantationShehab, S; Rao, S; Macdonald, P; Newton, PJ; Spratt, P; Jansz, P; Hayward, CS
2018-10-18Exploring the cardiac response to injury in heart transplant biopsiesHalloran, PF; Reeve, J; Aliabadi, AZ; Cadeiras, M; Crespo-Leiro, MG; Deng, M; Depasquale, EC; Goekler, J; Jouven, X; Kim, DH; Kobashigawa, J; Loupy, A; Macdonald, P; Potena, L; Zuckermann, A; Parkes, MD
2017-08-07Standard vs. intensified management of heart failure to reduce healthcare costs: Results of a multicentre, randomized controlled trialScuffham, PA; Ball, J; Horowitz, JD; Won, C; Newton, PJ; Macdonald, P; McVeigh, J; Rischbieth, A; Emanuele, N; Carrington, MJ; Reid, CM; Chan, YK; Stewart, S