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2020-07-01Corporate listening: Unlocking insights from VOC, VOE and VOS for mutual benefitsMacnamara, J
2020-07-01Creating healthy democracy: Voice + listening for meaningful engagementMacnamara, J; Worthington, D; Bodie, G
2020-01-01New Developments in Best Practice Evaluation: Approaches, Frameworks, Models, and MethodsMacnamara, J; Luoma-aho, V; Canel, MJ
2020-01-01Public sector communication: Measurement and evaluationMacnamara, J; Luoma-aho, V; Canel, MJ
2019-12-01An evaluation u-turn: From narrow organisational objectives to broad accountabilityGregory, A; Macnamara, J
2019-11-01Reviewing the ‘march to standards’ in public relations: a comparative analysis of four seminal measurement and evaluation initiativesBuhmann, A; Macnamara, J; Zerfass, A
2019-10-21Explicating listening in organization-public communication: Theory, practices, technologiesMacnamara, J
2019-08-01Expanding evaluation to enable true strategic communication: Beyond message tracking to open listeningMacnamara, J; Gregory, A; Northhaft, H; Werder, KP; Vercic, D; Zerfass, A
2019-06-20Journalism, public relations, and spinMacnamara, J
2019Embracing evaluation theory to overcome “stasis”: Informing standards, impact and methodologyMacnamara, J
2018-12-01Capabilities of PR professionals for key activities lag: Asia-Pacific study shows theory and practice gapsMacnamara, J; Zerfass, A; Adi, A; Lwin, MO
2018-08-08Expanding Evaluation to Progress Strategic Communication: Beyond Message Tracking to Open ListeningMacnamara, J; Gregory, A
2018-03-15A Review of New Evaluation Models for Strategic Communication: Progress and GapsMacnamara, J
2018-02-09The missing half of communication and engagement listeningMacnamara, J
2018-01-02Toward a Theory and Practice of Organizational ListeningMacnamara, J
2017-09-01“Stoner Sloth”: Lessons from Evaluation of Social Media and ViralityMacnamara, J; Kenning, G; VanSlyke Turk, J; Valin, J
2016-09-01'PESO' media strategy shifts to 'SOEP': Opportunities and ethical dilemmasMacnamara, J; Lwin, M; Adi, A; Zerfass, A
2016-07-03Organizational listening: Addressing a major gap in public relations theory and practiceMacnamara, J
2016-06-01Multiple intelligences and minds as attributes to reconfigure PR-A critical analysisMacnamara, J
2016-03-14The Work and ‘Architecture of Listening’: Addressing Gaps in Organization-Public CommunicationMacnamara, J