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8-Aug-2018Expanding Evaluation to Progress Strategic Communication: Beyond Message Tracking to Open ListeningMacnamara, J; Gregory, A
15-Mar-2018A Review of New Evaluation Models for Strategic Communication: Progress and GapsMacnamara, J
9-Feb-2018The missing half of communication and engagement listeningMacnamara, J
2-Jan-2018Toward a Theory and Practice of Organizational ListeningMacnamara, J
1-Sep-2017“Stoner Sloth”: Lessons from Evaluation of Social Media and ViralityMacnamara, J; Kenning, G; VanSlyke Turk, J; Valin, J
1-Sep-2016'PESO' media strategy shifts to 'SOEP': Opportunities and ethical dilemmasMacnamara, J; Lwin, M; Adi, A; Zerfass, A
3-Jul-2016Organizational listening: Addressing a major gap in public relations theory and practiceMacnamara, J
1-Jun-2016Multiple intelligences and minds as attributes to reconfigure PR-A critical analysisMacnamara, J
1-Mar-2016The Continuing Convergence of Journalism and PR: New Insights for Ethical Practice from a Three-Country Study of Senior PractitionersMacnamara, J
1-Jan-2015Breaking the measurement and evaluation deadlock: a new approach and modelMacnamara, J
1-Aug-2014E-Electioneering 2007-13: Trends in online political campaigns over three electionsMacnamara, J; Kenning, G
1-Jan-2014An agent of change: Public relations in early twentieth-century AustraliaCrawford, R; Macnamara, J
1-Jan-2014Journalism-PR relations revisited: The good news, the bad news, and insights into tomorrow's newsMacnamara, J
1-Jan-2014Emerging international standards for measurement and evaluation of public relations: A critical analysisMacnamara, J
1-Jan-2014An agent of change: Public relations in early twentieth-century AustraliaCrawford, R; Macnamara, J
Jan-2014Organisational listening: A vital missing element in public communication and the public sphereMacnamara, J
Jan-2014Public RelationsMacnamara, J; Crawford, R; Bridget Griffen-Foley
Jan-2014Journalism and PR: Unpacking 'Spin', Stereotypes and Media MythsMacnamara, J
Jan-2014The 21st Century Media (R)evolution: Emergent Communication PracticesMacnamara, J
Jan-2013The construction of Australia Day: a study of public relations as 'new cultural intermediaries'Macnamara, J; Crawford, R