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2023-08-01Selecting coral species for reef restorationMadin, JS; McWilliam, M; Quigley, K; Bay, LK; Bellwood, D; Doropoulos, C; Fernandes, L; Harrison, P; Hoey, AS; Mumby, PJ; Ortiz, JC; Richards, ZT; Riginos, C; Schiettekatte, NMD; Suggett, DJ; van Oppen, MJH
2021-12-01Factors Limiting the Range Extension of Corals into High-Latitude Reef RegionsAbrego, D; Howells, EJ; Smith, SDA; Madin, JS; Sommer, B; Schmidt-Roach, S; Cumbo, VR; Thomson, DP; Rosser, NL; Baird, AH
2021-11-10Strategic traits of bacteria and archaea vary widely within substrate-use groups.Westoby, M; Nielsen, DA; Gillings, MR; Gumerov, VM; Madin, JS; Paulsen, IT; Tetu, SG
2021-10-01No evidence for tropicalization of coral assemblages in a subtropical climate change hot spotMizerek, TL; Madin, JS; Benzoni, F; Huang, D; Luiz, OJ; Mera, H; Schmidt-Roach, S; Smith, SDA; Sommer, B; Baird, AH
2021-07Trait dimensions in bacteria and archaea compared to vascular plants.Westoby, M; Gillings, MR; Madin, JS; Nielsen, DA; Paulsen, IT; Tetu, SG
2021-05Cell size, genome size, and maximum growth rate are near-independent dimensions of ecological variation across bacteria and archaea.Westoby, M; Nielsen, DA; Gillings, MR; Litchman, E; Madin, JS; Paulsen, IT; Tetu, SG
2021-04-01Aerobic bacteria and archaea tend to have larger and more versatile genomesNielsen, DA; Fierer, N; Geoghegan, JL; Gillings, MR; Gumerov, V; Madin, JS; Moore, L; Paulsen, IT; Reddy, TBK; Tetu, SG; Westoby, M
2021-01-29An Indo-Pacific coral spawning database.Baird, AH; Guest, JR; Edwards, AJ; Bauman, AG; Bouwmeester, J; Mera, H; Abrego, D; Alvarez-Noriega, M; Babcock, RC; Barbosa, MB; Bonito, V; Burt, J; Cabaitan, PC; Chang, C-F; Chavanich, S; Chen, CA; Chen, C-J; Chen, W-J; Chung, F-C; Connolly, SR; Cumbo, VR; Dornelas, M; Doropoulos, C; Eyal, G; Eyal-Shaham, L; Fadli, N; Figueiredo, J; Flot, J-F; Gan, S-H; Gomez, E; Graham, EM; Grinblat, M; Gutiérrez-Isaza, N; Harii, S; Harrison, PL; Hatta, M; Ho, NAJ; Hoarau, G; Hoogenboom, M; Howells, EJ; Iguchi, A; Isomura, N; Jamodiong, EA; Jandang, S; Keyse, J; Kitanobo, S; Kongjandtre, N; Kuo, C-Y; Ligson, C; Lin, C-H; Low, J; Loya, Y; Maboloc, EA; Madin, JS; Mezaki, T; Min, C; Morita, M; Moya, A; Neo, S-H; Nitschke, MR; Nojima, S; Nozawa, Y; Piromvaragorn, S; Plathong, S; Puill-Stephan, E; Quigley, K; Ramirez-Portilla, C; Ricardo, G; Sakai, K; Sampayo, E; Shlesinger, T; Sikim, L; Simpson, C; Sims, CA; Sinniger, F; Spiji, DA; Tabalanza, T; Tan, C-H; Terraneo, TI; Torda, G; True, J; Tun, K; Vicentuan, K; Viyakarn, V; Waheed, Z; Ward, S; Willis, B; Woods, RM; Woolsey, ES; Yamamoto, HH; Yusuf, S
2020-07-01Latitude and protection affect decadal trends in reef trophic structure over a continental scaleMadin, EMP; Madin, JS; Harmer, AMT; Barrett, NS; Booth, DJ; Caley, MJ; Cheal, AJ; Edgar, GJ; Emslie, MJ; Gaines, SD; Sweatman, HPA
2020-06-05A synthesis of bacterial and archaeal phenotypic trait data.Madin, JS; Nielsen, DA; Brbic, M; Corkrey, R; Danko, D; Edwards, K; Engqvist, MKM; Fierer, N; Geoghegan, JL; Gillings, M; Kyrpides, NC; Litchman, E; Mason, CE; Moore, L; Nielsen, SL; Paulsen, IT; Price, ND; Reddy, TBK; Richards, MA; Rocha, EPC; Schmidt, TM; Shaaban, H; Shukla, M; Supek, F; Tetu, SG; Vieira-Silva, S; Wattam, AR; Westfall, DA; Westoby, M
2020-02Climate-driven shift in coral morphological structure predicts decline of juvenile reef fishes.Fontoura, L; Zawada, KJA; D'agata, S; Álvarez-Noriega, M; Baird, AH; Boutros, N; Dornelas, M; Luiz, OJ; Madin, JS; Maina, JM; Pizarro, O; Torres-Pulliza, D; Woods, RM; Madin, EMP
2019-12-01Quantifying coral morphologyZawada, KJA; Dornelas, M; Madin, JS
2019-06-01Morphological traits can track coral reef responses to the AnthropoceneZawada, KJA; Madin, JS; Baird, AH; Bridge, TCL; Dornelas, M
2018-04-26How does a widespread reef coral maintain a population in an isolated environment?Precoda, K; Baird, AH; Madsen, A; Mizerek, T; Sommer, B; Su, SN; Madin, JS
2016-01-01Scope for latitudinal extension of reef corals is species specificMadin, JS; Allen, AP; Baird, AH; Pandolfi, JM; Sommer, B
2016-01-01Scope for latitudinal extension of reef corals is species specificMadin, JS; Allen, AP; Baird, AH; Pandolfi, JM; Sommer, B
2012-12-01Pole-ward range expansion of Acropora spp. along the east coast of AustraliaBaird, AH; Sommer, B; Madin, JS
2011-12-01Landscape of fear visible from spaceMadin, EMP; Madin, JS; Booth, DJ
2011-01Predators, facilitators, or both? Re-evaluating an apparent predator-prey relationshipMadin, EM; Madin, JS
2010-12Fishing indirectly structures macroalgal assemblages by altering herbivore behavior.Madin, EMP; Gaines, SD; Madin, JS; Warner, RR