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30-Jan-2018The ‘foreign’ language teacher: negotiating the culture of a school when unfamiliar with the language of instructionBuchanan, J; Maher, D
1-Jan-2018Supporting Pre-Service Teachers’ Understanding and Use of Mobile DevicesMaher, D
2018Mobile learning in pre-service teacher education: Examining the use of professional learning networks.Kearney, MD; Maher, D
1-Mar-2017Professional development for rural and remote teachers using video conferencingMaher, D; Prescott, AE
Mar-2017Investigating Knowledge Exchange amongst School Teachers, University Teacher Educators and Industry Partners.Maher, D; Schuck, S; Perry, R
1-Jan-2017The Use of Mobile Devices to Support Young People with DisabilitiesMaher, D; Young, KA; Stavros, AV
2017Bring your own device – a snapshot of two Australian primary schoolsMaher, D; Twining, P
2017Project-Based Learning in the Primary School ClassroomMaher, D; Yoo, J
29-Apr-2016Moving classrooms to Third Space LearningSchuck, SR; Maher, D; Perry, R
19-Mar-2015On the borders: adjusting to academic, social and cultural practices at an Australian universityBuchanan, J; Ljungdahl, L; Maher, D
1-Jan-2015Mobile technologies and authentic learning in the primary school classroomBurden, K; Maher, D; Younie, S; Leask, K; Burden, K
1-Jan-2014Online Learning in primary schoolsMaher, D
Jan-2014Perceptions of the Hospital School Experience: Implications for Pedagogy and the use of Technology.Perry, R; Currie, JL; Maher, D; Johnston, R
Jan-2013Cyber Safety and Young People: From Policy to PracticeMaher, D; Ria Hanewald
Jan-2013Pre-service Primary Teachers' Use of iPads to Support Teaching: Implications for Teacher EducationMaher, D
Jan-2013Mobile learning in Maths teacher education: Using Ipads to support pre-service teachers' professional developmentKearney, MD; Maher, D
Jan-2012Learning in the Primary School Classroom using the Interactive WhiteboardMaher, D; Jiyou Jia
Jan-2012Teaching literacy in primary schools using an interactive whole-class technology: facilitating student-to- student whole-class dialogic interactionsMaher, D
Jan-2012Mediating Learning Online in Primary Schools: The Case of a Classroom HomepageMaher, D; Abramovich, S
Jan-2012Primary school teachers' use of digital resources with interactive whiteboards: The Australian contextMaher, D; Phelps, R; Urane, N; Lee, M