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2022-09-19The use of video conferencing to support pre-service teachers during COVID-19Maher, D; Baumgartner, E; Kaplan-Rakowski, R; Ferdig, RE; Hartshorne, R; Mouza, C
2022-07-29UTS School of International Studies and Education : Submission to the Upper House Inquiry into teacher shortages in NSWHunter, J; Yasukawa, K; Kearney, M; Eckert, G; Heggart, K; Carter, D; Bates, K; Maher, D; Patterson, C
2022-02-22In-Service Teacher Professional Learning in Australia: Lessons Learnt from COVID-19Maher, D
2022-01-01Connecting Students on Hospital Wards to Hospital Classrooms and the Community Using Video Conferencing TechnologiesMaher, D
2021-06-17360 degree representation: desktop virtual reality combined with analytics in the primary school classroomMaher, D; Buchanan, J
2020-08-07Using action learning to support mobile pedagogies: the role of facilitationMaher, D; Schuck, S
2020-07The professional learning of refugee volunteer teachers in Indonesian refugee learning centresMaher, D
2020-06-11Pre-service teachers’ self-initiated use of mobile devices to support their online professional learning networkingKearney, M; Maher, D; Pham, L; Kuang, S; Burden, K; Naylor, A
2020-01-01Pre-Service Teachers’ Digital Competencies to Support School Students’ Digital LiteraciesMaher, D; Keengwe, J
2020Altered Realities: How virtual and augmented realities are supporting learningMaher, D; Keengwa, J
2019-11-30Barriers of ICT use in EFL teacher education courses in Nepal: An activity theory perspectiveLaudari, S; Maher, D
2019-06-03Investigating pre-service teachers’ informally-developed online professional learning networksKearney, M; Maher, D; Pham, L
2019-01-01Digitally enhanced learning spaces: A new Innovation?Maher, D
2019-01-01The use of course management systems in pre-service teacher educationMaher, D
2019-01-01Promoting environmental education for primary school-aged students using digital technologiesBuchanan, J; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Maher, D
2019-01-01Mobile learning in pre-service teacher education: Examining the use of professional learning networksKearney, M; Maher, D
2018-08-08The ‘foreign’ language teacher: negotiating the culture of a school when unfamiliar with the language of instructionBuchanan, J; Maher, D
2018-08-08Creating opportunities for untethered learningSchuck, S; Maher, D
2018-07-01The use of mobile technologies in the primary school mathematics classroom-developing 'create alouds'Prescott, A; Maher, D