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2023-01-14Quality intrapartum care expectations and experiences of women in sub-Saharan African Low and Low Middle-Income Countries: a qualitative meta-synthesis.Ahmed, SAE; Mahimbo, A; Dawson, A
2022-12-01The role of community leaders and other information intermediaries during the COVID-19 pandemic: insights from the multicultural sector in AustraliaSeale, H; Harris-Roxas, B; Heywood, A; Abdi, I; Mahimbo, A; Chauhan, A; Woodland, L
2022-08Factors influencing refugees' willingness to accept COVID-19 vaccines in Greater Sydney: a qualitative study.Mahimbo, A; Kang, M; Sestakova, L; Smith, M; Dawson, A
2022-06-29Women Taking a Folic Acid Supplement in Countries with Mandatory Food Fortification Programs May Be Exceeding the Upper Tolerable Limit of Folic Acid: A Systematic Review.Ledowsky, C; Mahimbo, A; Scarf, V; Steel, A
2022-06-27Speaking COVID-19: supporting COVID-19 communication and engagement efforts with people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.Seale, H; Harris-Roxas, B; Heywood, A; Abdi, I; Mahimbo, A; Chauhan, A; Woodland, L
2022Vaccine provider views on the impact of COVID-19 on immunisation in general practice: a qualitative studyMorgan, T; Mahimbo, A; Harris, M; Heywood, A
2021-10Seroprevalence of hepatitis B antibodies among international and domestic university students.Heywood, A; Dyda, A; Hu, W; Saha, A; Mahimbo, A; Gidding, H; Kefalas, B; Seale, H; Macintyre, CR; Zwar, N; Rawlinson, W
2021The controversies surrounding Giardia intestinalis assemblages A and BZajaczkowski, P; Lee, R; Fletcher-Lartey, SM; Alexander, K; Mahimbo, A; Stark, D; Ellis, JT
2020-10General practitioners' perceptions on the feasibility and acceptability of implementing a risk prediction checklist to support their end-of-life discussions in routine care: a qualitative study.Lewis, ET; Mahimbo, A; Linhart, C; Williamson, M; Morgan, M; Hammill, K; Hall, J; Cardona, M
2019-10-01Review of effectiveness of certain healthy lifestyle interventions to reduce alcohol consumption, increase levels of physical activity and healthy eating and reduce overweight and obesity (2014-2019)Harris, M; Fatema, K; Spooner, C; Harris-Roxas, B; Mahimbo, A; Barr, M; Sitas, F
2019The lack of association between early induced abortion and mental healthMahimbo, A; Sullivan, E; Dawson, A; Assifi, A; Vaughan, G; Li, Z
2019Report on the lack of association between early induced abortion and mental health.Mahimbo, A
2017-12Immunisation for refugees in Australia: a policy review and analysis across all States and Territories.Mahimbo, A; Seale, H; Heywood, AE
2017-09-12Challenges in immunisation service delivery for refugees in Australia: A health system perspective.Mahimbo, A; Seale, H; Smith, M; Heywood, A
2016-12-15Influenza vaccine as a coronary intervention for prevention of myocardial infarction.MacIntyre, CR; Mahimbo, A; Moa, AM; Barnes, M
2016-05-18Improving the uptake of pre-travel health advice amongst migrant Australians: exploring the attitudes of primary care providers and migrant community groups.Seale, H; Kaur, R; Mahimbo, A; MacIntyre, CR; Zwar, N; Smith, M; Worth, H; Heywood, AE
2016Blood, donors and dollars: Rethinking financial sustainability of safe blood servicesin TanzaniaMahimbo, A
-Policy considerations for mandatory COVID‐19 vaccination from the Collaboration on Social Science in ImmunisationLeask, J; Seale, H; Williams, JH; Kaufman, J; Wiley, K; Mahimbo, A; Clark, KK; Danchin, MH; Attwell, K