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2021-10-06Serosa-Mimetic Nanoarchitecture Membranes for Highly Efficient Osmotic Energy Generation.Man, Z; Safaei, J; Zhang, Z; Wang, Y; Zhou, D; Li, P; Zhang, X; Jiang, L; Wang, G
2021-08-15Nanoconfined SnO<inf>2</inf>/SnSe<inf>2</inf> heterostructures in N-doped carbon nanotubes for high-performance sodium-ion batteriesLi, P; Guo, X; Zang, R; Wang, S; Zuo, Y; Man, Z; Li, P; Liu, S; Wang, G
2021-03-22Sulfur-Doped Flowerlike Porous Carbon Derived from Metal-Organic Frameworks as a High-Performance Potassium-Ion Battery AnodeZuo, Y; Li, P; Zang, R; Wang, S; Man, Z; Li, P; Wang, S; Zhou, W
2020-08Recent progress in integrated fixed-film activated sludge process for wastewater treatment: A review.Waqas, S; Bilad, MR; Man, Z; Wibisono, Y; Jaafar, J; Indra Mahlia, TM; Khan, AL; Aslam, M
2019-10-01Adaptive Microtracking Control for an Underwater IPMC Actuator Using New Hyperplane-Based Sliding ModeKhawwaf, J; Zheng, J; Chai, R; Lu, R; Man, Z
2019-03-15Porous Na<inf>3</inf>V<inf>2</inf>(PO<inf>4</inf>)<inf>3</inf>/C nanoplates for high-performance sodium storageLi, X; Wang, S; Tang, X; Zang, R; Li, P; Man, Z; Li, C; Liu, S; Wu, Y; Wang, G
2019-01-01High-performance lithium-organic batteries by achieving 16 lithium storage in poly(imine-anthraquinone)Man, Z; Li, P; Zhou, D; Zang, R; Wang, S; Liu, S; Li, X; Wu, Y; Liang, X; Wang, G
2019-01-01Yolk-shell N-doped carbon coated FeS<inf>2</inf> nanocages as a high-performance anode for sodium-ion batteriesZang, R; Li, P; Guo, X; Man, Z; Zhang, S; Wang, C; Wang, G
2019-01-01Two-dimensional Sb@TiO <inf>2-: X</inf> nanoplates as a high-performance anode material for sodium-ion batteriesLi, P; Guo, X; Wang, S; Zang, R; Li, X; Man, Z; Liu, S; Wu, Y; Wang, G
2018-02-02High Crystalline Prussian White Nanocubes as a Promising Cathode for Sodium-ion BatteriesLi, C; Zang, R; Li, P; Man, Z; Wang, S; Li, X; Wu, Y; Liu, S; Wang, G