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28-Feb-2019Responsible Leadership of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Adopted in Infrastructure ProjectsSankaran, S; Ke, Y; Mangioni, V; Devkar, G
3-Sep-2018Improving Housing Mobility: Transaction or Recurrent Land TaxMangioni, V
Jul-2018Fiscal Decentralisation and AutonomyMangioni, V; Spillar, M; Tomlinson, R
1-Jan-2018Evaluating the impact of the land acquisition phase on property owners in megaprojectsMangioni, V
2018Land Value Taxation: Opportunities and challenges for funding regional Australia and New ZealandMangioni, V
2018Improving Taxpayer Information in the Assessment of Land Tax: A Case Study of Sydney, AustraliaMangioni, V
1-Jan-2016De-siloing and defining recurrent land tax revenue in AustraliaMangioni, V
22-Dec-2015Land tax in Australia: Fiscal reform of sub-national governmentMangioni, V
1-Jan-2014Emerging trends of state land tax and local government rate revenue in AustraliaMangioni, V
Jan-2014Refining principles of compensation in land acquisition for urban renewalMangioni, V; -
Jan-2014Defining the basis of value in land value taxMangioni, V; -
1-Dec-2013Strengthening the validity and reliability of the focus group as a method in tax researchMangioni, V; McKerchar, M
Jan-2013Codifying Value in Land Value TaxationMangioni, V
Jan-2013Recurrent Property Taxation: Revenue Re-alignment for State and local government in AustraliaMangioni, V; -
Jan-2013Property Tax Reform: A contribution to home ownership and challenges for government in AustraliaMangioni, V; Ruming, K; Randolph, B; Gurran, N
Jan-2012Rates versus Developer Contributions as Revenue Sources for Local GovernmentKoutifaris, K; Mangioni, V
Jan-2012Three dimensional property rights and reassembly: Cases of Sydney and HelinskiMangioni, V; Viitanen, K; Falkenbach, H; Sipil, T; -
Jan-2012Land Value Taxation: Meeting the principles of 'Good Tax Design.'Mangioni, V; -
Jan-2012Defining the role of valuations in mortgage lendingMangioni, V; -
1-Dec-2011Transparency in the valuation of land for land tax purposes in New South WalesMangioni, V