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Jun-2017Self-reported confidence in patient safety knowledge among Australian undergraduate nursing students: A multi-site cross-sectional survey study.Usher, K; Woods, C; Parmenter, G; Hutchinson, M; Mannix, J; Power, T; Chaboyer, W; Latimer, S; Mills, J; Siegloff, L; Jackson, D
Nov-2014The importance of clinical leadership in the hospital settingDaly, J; Jackson, D; Mannix, J; Davidson, P; Hutchinson, M
Jan-2014Editorial: Is postgraduate education a luxury or necessity for professional nurses: A trans-Tasman perspective.Hickman, LD; Mannix, J; Neville, S
Jan-2013Ethical sensitivity: Shaping the everyday work environmentJackson, DE; Cleary, M; Mannix, J
Jan-2013Ethical sensitivity: Shaping the everyday work environmentJackson, DE; Cleary, M; Mannix, J
Jan-2013Marking out the clinical expert/clinical leader/clinical scholar: Perspectives from nurses in the clinical arenaMannix, J; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013Practicing nurses' perspectives of clinical scholarship: a qualitative studyWilkes, L; Mannix, J; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013Attributes of clinical leadership in contemporary nursing: An integrative reviewMannix, J; Wilkes, L; Daly, J
Jan-2012'I am going to be a dad': experiences and expectations of adolescent and young adult expectant fathersWilkes, L; Mannix, J; Jackson, DE
Jan-2012Views and experiences of mental health nurses working with undergraduate assistants in nursing in an acute mental health settingHorsfall, J; O'Hara-Aarons, M; Mannix, J; Jackson, DE; Hunt, GE; Cleary, M
Jan-2011Valuing teamwork: Insights from newly-registered nurses working in specialist mental health servicesCleary, M; Horsfall, J; Mannix, J; O'Hara-Aarons, M; Jackson, DE
Jan-2011Development and validation of the Child-to-Mother violence scaleEdenborough, M; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE; Mannix, J
Jan-2011Struggling for legitimacy: nursing students' stories of organisational aggression, resilience and resistanceJackson, DE; Hutchinson, M; Everett, B; Mannix, J; Peters, K; Weaver, R; Salamonson, Y
Jan-2008Older Women Nurses: Health, Ageing Concerns And Self-Care StrategiesGabrielle, S; Jackson, DE; Mannix, J
Jan-2008Living In The Red Zone: The Experience Of Child-To-Mother ViolenceEdenborough, M; Jackson, DE; Mannix, J; Wilkes, L
Jan-2008Adjusting To Personal And Organisational Change: Views And Experiences Of Female Nurses Aged 40-60 YearsGabrielle, S; Jackson, DE; Mannix, J
Jan-2006Towards sustainable models for clinical education in nursing: An on-going conversationMannix, J; Faga, P; Beale, B; Jackson, DE
Jan-2006Child-to-mother violence: A pilot studyStewart, M; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE; Mannix, J
Jan-2005Mothers' Perceptions Of Overweight And Obesity In Their ChildrenJackson, DE; Macdonald, GE; Mannix, J; Faga, P; Firtko, A
Jan-2005Overweight And Obese Children: Mothers' StrategiesJackson, DE; Mannix, J; Faga, P; Mcdonald, G