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2023-02-03Towards more relevance in forensic science research and development.Weyermann, C; Willis, S; Margot, P; Roux, C
2022-01-11The Sydney declaration - Revisiting the essence of forensic science through its fundamental principles.Roux, C; Bucht, R; Crispino, F; De Forest, P; Lennard, C; Margot, P; Miranda, MD; NicDaeid, N; Ribaux, O; Ross, A; Willis, S
2020Un modèle continu, non linéaire et collaboratif de l’enquêteBaechler, S; Morelato, M; Roux, C; Margot, P; Ribaux, O
2015-05-01Forensic intelligence framework. Part II: Study of the main generic building blocks and challenges through the examples of illicit drugs and false identity documents monitoringBaechler, S; Morelato, M; Ribaux, O; Beavis, A; Tahtouh, M; Kirkbride, KP; Esseiva, P; Margot, P; Roux, C
2011-12-01What is the value of forensic science? An overview of the effectiveness of forensic science in the Australian criminal justice system projectJulian, RD; Kelty, SF; Roux, C; Woodman, P; Robertson, J; Davey, A; Hayes, R; Margot, P; Ross, A; Sibly, H; White, R
2011-06-01Use of stains to detect fingermarksBecue, A; Moret, S; Champod, C; Margot, P
2010-06-01Intelligence-led crime scene processing. Part II: Intelligence and crime scene examinationRibaux, O; Baylon, A; Lock, E; Delémont, O; Roux, C; Zingg, C; Margot, P
2010-02-25Intelligence-led crime scene processing. Part I: Forensic intelligenceRibaux, O; Baylon, A; Roux, C; Delémont, O; Lock, E; Zingg, C; Margot, P
2005-08-15Chemical profiling and classification of illicit heroin by principal component analysis, calculation of inter sample correlation and artificial neural networksEsseiva, P; Anglada, F; Dujourdy, L; Taroni, F; Margot, P; Pasquier, ED; Dawson, M; Roux, C; Doble, P
2004-01Base de donnees ADN: un potentiel peu exploite de mises en relations d'evenements criminelsGirod, A; Ribaux, O; Margot, P; Walsh, SJ
2003-01Forensic intelligence and crime analysisRibaux, O; Girod, A; Walsh, SJ; Margot, P; Mizrahi, S; Clivaz, V
2003Forensic intelligence and crime analysisRibaux, O; Girod, A; Walsh, SJ; Margot, P; Mizrahi, S; Clivaz, V