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2013-01The Italian Production of Space in Tianjin: heterotopia and emotional capitalMarinelli, M; Brady, AM; Brown, D
2012-01Intellectual Intersections between the State and the Public: A Question of Emotional Capital?Marinelli, M; Giusi Tamburello
2012-01An Italian 'Neighbourhood' in Tianjin: Little Italy or colonial spaceMarinelli, M; Goodman, B; Goodman, DSG
2012-01On the public commitment of intellectuals in late socialist ChinaMarinelli, M
2010-01Tianjin, a Permanent Expo of World ArchitectureMarinelli, M
2010-01The Genesis Of The Italian Concession In Tianjin: A Combination Of Wishful Thinking And RealpolitikMarinelli, M
2010-01Finding the Imagined Motherland in China: the Italian experience in TianjinMarinelli, M
2010-01The Encounter between Italy and China: Two Countries, Multiple StoriesMarinelli, M
2010-01Internal and External Spaces: The Emotional Capital of Tianjin's Italian ConcessionMarinelli, M
2010-01The 'New I-Style Town': From Italian Concession to Commercial AttractionMarinelli, M
2010-01Italy and/in China: Remaking the Urban form and Rewriting History in TianjinMarinelli, M; Andall, J; Duncan, D
2009-01Imaginary Spaces? Re-presentations and Mirror Images of the Italian Concession in TianjinMarinelli, M; Yixu Lu
2009-01Negotiating Beijing's Identity at the Turn of the Twentieth CenturyMarinelli, M; Butcher, M; Velayutham, S
2009-01Making Concessions in Tianjin: Heterotopia and Italian Colonialism in Mainland China (1860-1945)Marinelli, M
2009-01Tianjin's Worldly Ambitions: From Hyper-Colonial Space to 'Business Park'Marinelli, M
2009-01Names and Reality in Mao Zedong's Political Discourse on IntellecturalsMarinelli, M
2007-01A Transnational Approach to ReOrient Asian Studies to Global StudiesMarinelli, M
2007-01Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror: Colonial Italy Reflects on Tianjin (1901-1947)Marinelli, M