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2024-01-01A History of Australian Co-operatives 1827–2023Patmore, G; Balnave, N; Marjanovic, O
2023-03-20Business Co-operatives in Australia: "unlikely Soil for a Co-operative Movement"Patmore, G; Balnave, N; Marjanovic, O
2022-12-04Evaluating In-house Work Integrated Learning Experiences Using the Business Model CanvasLindeck, J; Boye, T; Marjanovic, O; Dimasi, T
2022-03-08A Novel Mechanism for Business Analytics Value Creation: Improvement of Knowledge-Intensive Business ProcessesMarjanovic, O
2022-01-05Looking Ahead: Business Intelligence & Analytics Research in the Post-Pandemic New NormalMarjanovic, O; Ariyachandra, T; Dinter, B
2022-01-01Gender bias in AI-based decision-making systems: a systematic literature reviewNadeem, A; Marjanovic, O; Abedin, B
2022-01-01Theorising Algorithmic JusticeMarjanovic, O; Cecez-Kecmanovic, D; Vidgen, R
2022-01-01Visual Analytics: Transferring, Translating and Transforming Knowledge from Analytics Experts to Non-technical Domain Experts in Multidisciplinary TeamsMarjanovic, O; Patmore, G; Balnave, N
2022-01-01The Emerging Liquid IT Workforce: Theorizing Their Personal Competitive Advantage.Marjanovic, O; Murthy, V
2022Use of X-ray irradiation for inactivation of Aspergillus in cannabis flower.Frink, S; Marjanovic, O; Tran, P; Wang, Y; Guo, W; Encarnacion, N; Alcantara, D; Moezzi, B; Vrdoljak, G
2021-12-11The analytical landscape of cannabis compliance testingGoldman, S; Bramante, J; Vrdoljak, G; Guo, W; Wang, Y; Marjanovic, O; Orlowicz, S; Di Lorenzo, R; Noestheden, M
2021-12-01Resistance is not futile: Co-operatives, demutualization, agriculture, and neoliberalism in AustraliaPatmore, G; Balnave, N; Marjanovic, O
2021-08-09Digital Agility: Balancing Situational Turbulence with Digital PlatformsKovacevic-Opacic, L; Marjanovic, O
2021-05-11Algorithmic Pollution: Making the Invisible VisibleMarjanovic, O; Cecez-Kecmanovic, D; Vidgen, R
2021-02-03Algorithmic Pollution - Making the Invisible VisibleMarjanovic, O; Cecez-Kecmanovic, D; Vidgen, R
2021-01-05Business Analytics Capabilities for Organisational ResilienceAl-Ghattas, H; Marjanovic, O
2021-01-05A different kind of sharing economy: A literature review of platform cooperativesZhu, JA; Marjanovic, O
2021-01-01Gender Bias in AI: Implications for Managerial PracticesNadeem, A; Marjanovic, O; Abedin, B
2020-12-04Gender Bias in AI: A Review of Contributing Factors and Mitigating StrategiesNadeem, A; Abedin, B; Marjanovic, O
2020-12-01Open government data platforms – A complex adaptive sociomaterial systems perspectiveMarjanovic, O; Cecez-Kecmanovic, D