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2023-08An evaluation of a one-day pain science education event in a high school setting targeting pain related beliefs, knowledge, and behavioural intentions.Mankelow, J; Ravindran, D; Graham, A; Suri, S; Pate, JW; Ryan, CG; Martin, D
2022-08-01‘Avoidance Preening’, Displacement Behavior and Co-Dependency in Professional Team Sport: When Wants Become More Important Than NeedsMcLean, B; Strack, D; Martin, D
2021-06Duality of roles and the provision of high-quality end-of-life care in the intensive care.Martin, D; Moodie, S; O'Leary, MJ; McGee, A; Radford, S; Opdam, H; D'Costa, RL; Carter, A; Cavazzoni, E; Chapman, M; Jones, SL; Nunnink, L; Turner, AJ; van Haren, FMP
2021-03-01Machine learning workflows identify a microRNA signature of insulin transcription in human tissuesWong, WKM; Joglekar, MV; Saini, V; Jiang, G; Dong, CX; Chaitarvornkit, A; Maciag, GJ; Gerace, D; Farr, RJ; Satoor, SN; Sahu, S; Sharangdhar, T; Ahmed, AS; Chew, YV; Liuwantara, D; Heng, B; Lim, CK; Hunter, J; Januszewski, AS; Sørensen, AE; Akil, ASA; Gamble, JR; Loudovaris, T; Kay, TW; Thomas, HE; O’Connell, PJ; Guillemin, GJ; Martin, D; Simpson, AM; Hawthorne, WJ; Dalgaard, LT; C.W., R; Hardikar, AA
2020-10Conflicts of interest in the context of end of life care for potential organ donors in Australia.van Haren, FMP; Carter, A; Cavazzoni, E; Chapman, M; D'Costa, RL; Jones, SL; McGee, A; Moodie, S; Nunnink, L; O'Leary, M; Opdam, H; Radford, S; Turner, AJ; Martin, D
2007-04-10Mesoporous gold electrodes for sensors based on electrochemical double layer capacitanceMortari, A; Maaroof, A; Martin, D; Cortie, MB
2007-01The significance of biomimetic membrane technology to biomedical applicationsMartin, DK; Ferrari, M; Martin, D
2007-01Liposome techniques for synthesis of biomimetic lipid membranesValenzuela, S; Ferrari, M; Martin, D
2006-12-01Applications of protein-based capacitive biosensors for the detection of heavy-metal ionsMortari, A; Brown, NL; Geczy, C; Coster, HGL; Valenzuela, SM; Martin, D; Csöregi, E
2005-08-01Visual categorization of brain computer interface technologiesNavarro, KF; Lawrence, E; Martin, D
2005-01A Novel Traffic Independent NNC for Dynamic Buffer Tuning to Shorten the RTT of a TCP ChannelLin, WW; Wong, AK; Dillon, TS; Martin, D
2003-01Direct compression of the failing heart reestablishes maximal mechanical efficiency.Carrington, RAJ; Huang, Y; Kawaguchi, O; Yuasa, T; Shirota, K; Martin, D; Hunyor, SN
2001-01-01The effect of high luminance levels on the EEG alpha wave for assistive technology applicationsMaher, AM; Swift, P; Kirkup, L; Martin, D; Magjarevic, R; Tonkovic, S; Bilas, V; Lackovic, I
2001-01-01Effect of luminance level on electro-encephalogram alpha-wave synchronisationMaher, AM; Kirkup, L; Swift, P; Martin, D; Searle, A; Tran, Y; Craig, A