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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-01Indigenous Undergraduates' Use of Supplementary Tutors: Developing Academic Capabilities for Success in Higher Education StudiesNakata, M; Nakata, V; Day, A; Martin, G; Peachey, M
2017-07-03Promoting the persistence of Indigenous students through teaching at the Cultural InterfaceMartin, G; Nakata, V; Nakata, M; Day, A
2017-01-02Scaling critical pedagogy in higher educationMartin, G
2016-03-31Cultural studies, DIY pedagogies, and storytellingMartin, G; Hickey, A
2015-05-04Indigenous students' persistence in higher education in Australia: contextualising models of change from psychology to understand and aid students' practices at a cultural interfaceDay, A; Nakata, V; Nakata, M; Martin, G
2014-01In the name of meritocracy: manager's perceptions of policies and practices for training older workersMartin, G; Dymock, D; Billett, S; Johnson, G
2013-09-01Out of the box: Making space for everyday critical pedagogiesMartin, G; Brown, T
2013-01The discursive (re)positioning of older workers in Australian recruitment policy reform: An exemplary analysis of written and visual narrativesJohnson, G; Billett, S; Dymock, D; Martin, G
2013-01Participatory Activist Research in the Globalised WorldHunter, L; Emerald, E; Martin, G
2012-04-01Mature age 'white collar' workers' training and employabilityDymock, D; Billett, S; Klieve, H; Johnson, GC; Martin, G
2012-01In the market for reconciliation?Houston, D; Martin, G; McLaren, P; Ahluwalia, P; Atkinson, S; Bishop, P; Christie, P; Hattam, R; Matthews, J
2011-08-01Plant regeneration and production of embelin from organogenic and embryogenic callus cultures of Embelia ribes Burm. f.-a vulnerable medicinal plantRaghu, AV; Unnikrishnan, K; Geetha, SP; Martin, G; Balachandran, I
2011-02-01Attributable risk of psychiatric and socio-economic factors for suicide from individual-level, population-based studies: A systematic reviewLi, Z; Page, A; Martin, G; Taylor, R
2011-01-01Overcoming the paradox of employers' views about older workersBillett, S; Dymock, D; Johnson, G; Martin, G
2011-01A Place-Based Critical Pedagogy in Turbulent Times: Restoring Hope for Alternative FuturesMartin, G; Te Riele, K; Malott, C; Porfilio, B
2011-01Last resort employees: older workers' perceptions of workplace discriminationBillett, S; Dymock, D; Johnson, G; Martin, G
2011-01Corporate Governance and Reputation: A Disaster StoryClarke, T; Burke, RJ; Canada; Martin, G; Cooper, CL
2010-01Fabricating Reconciliation: Howard's Forgettable SpeechWoods, A; Martin, G; Martin, G; Houston, D; McLaren, P; Suoranta, J
2010-01Critical pedagogy "After the Storm"Houston, D; Martin, G; Martin, G; Houston, D; McLaren, P; Suoranta, J
2010-01Theorising globalisation and pedagogy: the totally unacceptable 'other'Martin, G