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1-Jan-2019Conceptualizing and modeling interpersonal trust in exchange relationships: The effects of incomplete model specificationMassey, GR; Wang, PZ; Kyngdon, AS
1-Jan-2015Best–worst scaling: A new method for advertisement evaluationMassey, GR; Wang, PZ; Waller, DS; Lanasier, EV
1-Dec-2014The Role of Coercive and Non-coercive Influence Tactics in Sales Manager/Marketing Manager Working RelationshipsMassey, GR; Rundle-Thiele, S; Kubacki, K; Arli, D
Jan-2013Marketing to Different Asian Communities: The Importance of Culture for Framing Advertising Messages, and for Purchase IntentMassey, GR; Waller, DS; Wang, PZ; Lanasier, EV
1-Nov-2012All quiet on the Western front? Empirical evidence on the "War" between Marketing Managers and Sales ManagersMassey, GR
Jan-2012The effectiveness of communication between marketing managers and sales managers during NPD projectsMassey, GR; anon
1-Oct-2011The impact of aligned rewards and senior manager attitudes on conflict and collaboration between sales and marketingLe Meunier-FitzHugh, K; Massey, GR; Piercy, NF
2-May-2011The Importance of Effective Working Relationships Between Sales and MarketingLe Meunier-FitzHugh, K; Massey, GR
Jan-2011The effects non-coercive influence tactic use in marketing manager/sales manager working relationships during NPDMassey, GR; MacCarthy, M; Sanders, D
Jan-2011A study of personal beliefs of advertising and attitudes towards advertisements: Pollay and Mittal (1993) revisitedWaller, DS; Massey, GR; Henderson, A
Jan-2010An empirical test of the information processing and socio-political perspectives in new product development projectsMassey, GR; Kyriazis, E; Ballantine, P; Finsterwalder, J
Jan-2009The effects of power, influence, and interdependence on the effectiveness of marketing manager/sales manager working relationshipsMassey, GR; Tojib, D
15-Feb-2008An extended model of the antecedents and consequences of consumer satisfaction for hospitality servicesEkinci, Y; Dawes, PL; Massey, GR
1-Nov-2007The antecedents and consequence of functional and dysfunctional conflict between Marketing Managers and Sales ManagersMassey, GR; Dawes, PL
14-Sep-2007Personal characteristics, trust, conflict, and effectiveness in marketing/sales working relationshipsMassey, GR; Dawes, PL
1-Jan-2007Interpersonal trust between marketing and R&D during new product development projectsMassey, GR; Kyriazis, E
Jan-2007The Impact of Communication Behaviours on New Product Development Speed and Organisational LearningRama, D; Massey, GR
Jan-2007The Effects of Power and Dependence Asymmetry on Marketing/Sales Working RelationshipsMassey, GR; Dawes, PL; Thyne, M; Deans, KR; Gnoth, J
Jan-2007The Impact of Communication Quality and Frequency on Organisational Learning during New Product DevelopmentRama, D; Massey, GR; Thyne, M; Deans, KR; Gnoth, J
25-Sep-2006A study of relationship effectiveness between marketing and sales managers in business marketsDawes, PL; Massey, GR