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2021-08-09Improving Cross-Band Isolation in Multi-Band AntennasThalakotuna, DNP; Karmokar, DK; Hu, Z; Esselle, KP; Matekovits, L
2021-08-09One Dimensional Leaky-Wave Antennas with Continuous Scan of Radiating BeamKarmokar, DK; Thalakotuna, DNP; Matekovits, L; Esselle, KP
2020-01-01Beam-Scanning Antenna Based on Near-Electric Field Phase Transformation and Refraction of Electromagnetic Wave Through Dielectric StructuresAfzal, MU; Matekovits, L; Esselle, KP; Lalbakhsh, A
2019-09-01Investigating small aperture radial line slot array antennas for medium gain communication linksKoli, NY; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Matekovits, L; Islam, Z
2019-05-01A stripline-based planar wideband feed for high-gain antennas with partially reflecting superstructureBaba, AA; Hashmi, RM; Asadnia, M; Matekovits, L; Esselle, KP
2017-01-01Dual-Band Dual-Mode Textile Antenna on PDMS Substrate for Body-Centric CommunicationsSimorangkir, RBVB; Yang, Y; Matekovits, L; Esselle, KP
2015-01-01Equivalent-circuit models for efficient transmission and dispersion analyses of multi-state periodic structuresMatekovits, L; Thalakotuna, DN; Esselle, KP; Hay, SG; Heimlich, M
2013-12-01Modelling PIN diode switches in reconfigurable leaky-wave antenna designThalakotuna, DNP; Karmokar, DK; Esselle, KP; Heimlich, M; Matekovits, L
2013-09-16A leaky-wave antenna for beam steering in forward and backward directionsKarmokar, DK; Esselle, KP; Thalakotuna, DNP; Heimlich, M; Matekovits, L
2013-09-04Fixed-frequency beam steering from a stub-loaded microstrip leaky-wave antennaKarmokar, DK; Thalakotuna, DNP; Esselle, KP; Heimlich, M; Matekovits, L
2013-08-14Reconfigurable half-width microstrip leaky-wave antenna for fixed-frequency beam scanningKarmokar, DK; Thalakotuna, DNP; Esselle, KP; Matekovits, L; Heimlich, M