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2023-03-01Graphene oxide-based layer-by-layer nanofiltration membrane using inkjet printing for desalinationWang, C; Park, MJ; Gonzales, RR; Matsuyama, H; Drioli, E; Shon, HK
2023-03-01Development of loose nanofiltration PVDF hollow fiber membrane for dye/salt separationZhang, P; Rajabzadeh, S; Song, Q; Gonzales, RR; Jia, Y; Xiang, S; Li, Z; Matsuyama, H
2022-11-28Preparation of Chemically Resistant Cellulose Benzoate Hollow Fiber Membrane via Thermally Induced Phase Separation Method.Takao, S; Rajabzadeh, S; Shibata, M; Otsubo, C; Hamada, T; Kato, N; Nakagawa, K; Kitagawa, T; Matsuyama, H; Yoshioka, T
2022-11-15Fabrication of PVDF/EVOH blend hollow fiber membranes with hydrophilic property via thermally induced phase processXiang, S; Tang, X; Rajabzadeh, S; Zhang, P; Cui, Z; Matsuyama, H
2022-11-05Recent advances of nanocomposite membranes using layer-by-layer assemblyWang, C; Park, MJ; Yu, H; Matsuyama, H; Drioli, E; Shon, HK
2022-11-04Simulation Assessment of Inlet Parameters and Membrane-Surface-Structure Effects on CO2 Absorption Flux in Membrane ContactorsGarehbagh, AM; Rajabzadeh, S; Shouman, MA; Elmarghany, MR; Salem, MS; Arahman, N; Mohammadi, T; Matsuyama, H
2022-11-01Fabrication of thin film composite polyamide membrane for water purification via inkjet printing of aqueous and solvent inksPark, MJ; Wang, C; Gonzales, RR; Phuntsho, S; Matsuyama, H; Drioli, E; Shon, HK
2022-09-27Preparation of Microfiltration Hollow Fiber Membranes from Cellulose Triacetate by Thermally Induced Phase Separation.Takao, S; Rajabzadeh, S; Otsubo, C; Hamada, T; Kato, N; Nakagawa, K; Shintani, T; Matsuyama, H; Yoshioka, T
2022-08-15A novel method to immobilize zwitterionic copolymers onto PVDF hollow fiber membrane surface to obtain antifouling membranesZhang, P; Rajabzadeh, S; Istirokhatun, T; Shen, Q; Jia, Y; Yao, X; Venault, A; Chang, Y; Matsuyama, H
2022-08-05Novel organic solvent nanofiltration membrane based on inkjet printing-assisted layer-by-layer assemblyWang, C; Park, MJ; Gonzales, RR; Phuntsho, S; Matsuyama, H; Drioli, E; Shon, HK
2022-04-01Braid-reinforced PVDF hollow fiber membranes for high-efficiency separation of oily wastewaterEl-badawy, T; Othman, MHD; Adam, MR; Kamaludin, R; Ismail, AF; Rahman, MA; Jaafar, J; Rajabzadeh, S; Matsuyama, H; Usman, J; Kurniawan, TA; Raji, YO; Mamah, SC; Abdullah, H
2022-02-15Inkjet printed polyelectrolyte multilayer membrane using a polyketone support for organic solvent nanofiltrationWang, C; Park, MJ; Seo, DH; Phuntsho, S; Gonzales, RR; Matsuyama, H; Drioli, E; Shon, HK
2021-12-15Interfacial polymerization of thin film selective membrane layers: Effect of polyketone substratesGuan, K; Sasaki, Y; Jia, Y; Gonzales, RR; Zhang, P; Lin, Y; Li, Z; Matsuyama, H
2021-12-15Tailored thin film nanocomposite membrane incorporated with Noria for simultaneously overcoming the permeability-selectivity trade-off and the membrane fouling in nanofiltration processYang, Z; Li, L; Jiang, C; Zhao, N; Zhang, S; Guo, Y; Chen, Y; Xue, S; Ji, C; Zhao, S; Gonzales, RR; Matsuyama, H; Xia, J; Niu, QJ
2021-11-15Aliphatic polyketone-based thin film composite membrane with mussel-inspired polydopamine intermediate layer for high performance osmotic power generationGonzales, RR; Zhang, L; Guan, K; Park, MJ; Phuntsho, S; Abdel-Wahab, A; Matsuyama, H; Shon, HK
2021-10-15Control of the antagonistic effects of heat-assisted chlorine oxidative degradation on pressure retarded osmosis thin film composite membrane surfaceGonzales, RR; Abdel-Wahab, A; Han, DS; Matsuyama, H; Phuntsho, S; Shon, HK
2021-10-01In situ engineering of an ultrathin polyamphoteric layer on polyketone-based thin film composite forward osmosis membrane for comprehensive anti-fouling performanceZhang, L; Gonzales, RR; Istirokhatun, T; Lin, Y; Segawa, J; Shon, HK; Matsuyama, H
2021-08-01Recent advances in nanomaterial-incorporated nanocomposite membranes for organic solvent nanofiltrationWang, C; Park, MJ; Seo, DH; Drioli, E; Matsuyama, H; Shon, H
2021-07-15Effect of graphene oxide quantum dots on the interfacial polymerization of a thin-film nanocomposite forward osmosis membrane: An experimental and molecular dynamics studyAkther, N; Kawabata, Y; Lim, S; Yoshioka, T; Phuntsho, S; Matsuyama, H; Shon, HK
2021-07-07Simulation of Thermoresponsive Draw Solute-Driven Forward Osmosis for Enhanced Pure Water Production in Seawater DesalinationKishimoto, M; Gonzales, RR; Goda, S; Yasukawa, M; Kumano, A; Kamio, E; Kumagai, K; Matsuyama, H