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2024-01Inclusive Practice and Comparative Social Impact of Disability Arts: A Qualitative and Abductive ApproachGrabowski, S; Darcy, S; Maxwell, H; Onyx, J
2023-01-01An exploration of physical activity, migrant women and leisure experiencesMcDonald, D; Maxwell, H; Gholizadeh, L; Burridge, N
2022-04-21Disability inclusion in beach precincts: Beach for All Abilities – a community development approach through a social relational model of disability lensDarcy, S; Maxwell, H; Edwards, M; Almond, B
2022Disability and the Arts: Inclusive Practice for Health and WellbeingMaxwell, H; Darcy, S; Faulkner, S; Onyx, J; Maxwell, H; McGrath, R; Young, J; Peel, J
2019-05-27‘Djabooly-djabooly: why don’t they swim?’: the ebb and flow of water in the lives of Australian Aboriginal womenStronach, M; Adair, D; Maxwell, H
2019-03-21Disability citizenship and digital capital: the case of engagement with a social enterprise telcoDarcy, S; Yerbury, H; Maxwell, H
2019-02-01Indigenous Australian women promoting health through sportStronach, M; Maxwell, H; Pearce, S
2019-01-01Artistic Impact: From Casual and Serious Leisure to Professional Career Development in Disability ArtsDarcy, S; Maxwell, H; Grabowski, S; Onyx, J
2018-06-01Researching the Social Impact of Arts and Disability: Applying a New Empirical Tool and MethodOnyx, J; Darcy, S; Grabowski, S; Green, J; Maxwell, H
2018-01-02State of leisure studies in Australia and New ZealandTower, J; McGrath, R; Sibson, R; Adair, D; Bevan, N; Brown, G; Foley, C; Fullagar, S; Gray, L; Hawkins, C; Jeanes, R; Kerr, R; Martin, K; Maxwell, H; McDonald, K; Peel, N; Reis, A; Xing, T; Yerbury, R; Zimmerman, JA
2017-11-02Indigenous Australian women and sport: findings and recommendations from a parliamentary inquiryMaxwell, H; Stronach, M; Adair, D; Pearce, S
2017-05-19I’ve got a mobile phone too! Hard and soft assistive technology customization and supportive call centres for people with disabilityDarcy, S; Green, J; Maxwell, H
2016-09-20Quantifying and qualifying the individual and collective social impact of the arts: Disability arts partnership projectsDarcy, S; Onyx, J; Faulkner, S; Green, J; Maxwell, H
2016-04-20Disability citizenship and independence through mobile technology? A study exploring adoption and use of a mobile technology platformDarcy, S; Maxwell, H; Green, J
2016-01-02‘Sistas’ and Aunties: sport, physical activity, and Indigenous Australian womenStronach, M; Maxwell, H; Taylor, T
2015-08-27A Conceptual Model of Social Impact as Active CitizenshipEdwards, M; Onyx, J; Maxwell, H; Darcy, S; Bullen, P; Sherker, S
2015-01-01The development of female Muslim life-saversMaxwell, H; Foley, C; Taylor, T; Burton, C
2014-01-01A ‘fair go’ on Australian beachesMaxwell, H; Edwards, M; Stronach, M; Brown, V
2014-01-01More than a sport and volunteer organisation: Investigating social capital development in a sporting organisationDarcy, S; Maxwell, H; Edwards, M; Onyx, J; Sherker, S
2013-01-01Social inclusion in community sport: A case study of muslim women in AustraliaMaxwell, H; Foley, C; Taylor, T; Burton, C