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27-Jul-2015Electron beam induced etching of carbonMartin, AA; McCredie, G; Toth, M
1-Jan-2012Effect of magnetron discharge power and N<inf>2</inf>flow rate for preparation of TiCrN thin filmSamapisut, S; Tipparach, U; Heness, G; McCredie, G
15-Feb-2010Diffusion synthesis and electronic properties of Fe-doped ZnOTon-That, C; Foley, M; Lem, LLC; McCredie, G; Phillips, MR; Cowie, BCC
13-Mar-2007Effect of injection current on the repeatability of laser diode junction voltage-temperature measurementsKirkup, L; Kalceff, W; McCredie, G
15-May-2006System for measuring the junction temperature of a light emitting diode immersed in liquid nitrogenKirkup, L; Kalceff, W; McCredie, G
1-Dec-2005Investigation of the optical properties of hollow aluminium 'nano-caps'Liu, J; Cankurtaran, B; McCredie, G; Ford, MJ; Wieczorek, L; Cortie, MB
1-Oct-2005X-ray reflectivity study of radio frequency sputtered silicon oxide on siliconSolina, DM; Cheary, RW; Kalceff, W; McCredie, G
1-Nov-2003Optimizing the triggering mode for stable operation of a pulsed cathodic arc deposition systemGan, BK; Bilek, MM; McKenzie, DR; Swift, PD; McCredie, G
18-Jul-2003On production of nanocrystalline ternary nitride coatings via magnetron sputteringWuhrer, R; McCredie, G; Yeung, WY
1-Jan-2003The fabrication of stable platinum-silicon oxide multilayers for X-ray mirrorsSolina, DM; Cheary, RW; Swift, PD; McCredie, G
1-Dec-2001Novel high performance scattering materials for use in energy saving light fittings and skylights based on polymer pigmented with polymerSmith, GB; Earp, A; Franklin, J; McCredie, G
1-Jan-2001Optical characterisation of materials and systems for daylightingSmith, GB; Green, DC; McCredie, G; Hossain, M; Swift, PD; Luther, MB