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1-Aug-2011One man and his boat(and hotel and pier...): Henry Gilbert Smith and the establishment of Manly, AustraliaButler, RW; McDonnell, IG
Jan-2010GLOBAL TOURISM AND TRAVEL DISTRIBUTION: changes, impacts and opportunity for Australian tourismMiller, K; Sood, SC; Kattiyapornpong, U; Woodbridge, M; McDonnell, IG
Jan-2009One man and his boat (and hotel and pier....): Henry Gilbert Smith and the foundation of Manly, Australia's first tourist resortButler, R; McDonnell, IG; Carlsen, J; Hughes, H; Holmes, K; Jones, R
Jan-2008Tourism Technology: Travel wholesale management systemMcDonnell, IG; Egger, R; Buhalis, D
Jan-2008International cultural tourism in Australia: A market analysisMcDonnell, IG; Burton, C; Aktas, A; Wickens, E; Kesgin, M; Cengiz, E; Yenialp, E
Jan-2008Intracommunity tensions in backpacker enclaves: Sydney's Bondi BeachWilson, J; Richards, G; McDonnell, IG; Hannam, K; Ateljevic, I
Jan-2008Development of international tourism to Cambodia: the role of benefit segmentationMcDonnell, IG; Petocz, P; Sakal, P
Jan-2005The Spanish youth market to Australia: an exploratory analysis of market needsMcDonnell, IG; Filep, S
Jan-2003Tourism from the Peoples Republic of China to Australia: a preliminary analysisMcDonnell, IG; Deng, M; Griffin, T; Harris, R
Jan-2002A brave new world? Small special interest tour operators & internet based market research and marketingPonting, J; McDonnell, IG; Changchong, L; Chon, K; Zhang, HQ; Yanjun, X
Jan-2002The relative effectiveness of special events as a promotional tool: a case study of a European automobile distributor's events strategyMcDonnell, IG; Gebhardt, S; Jago, L; Deery, M; Harris, R; Hede, AM; Allen, J