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2023-01-19Associational Resistance to Predation by Protists in a Mixed Species Biofilm.Goh, YF; Røder, HL; Chan, SH; Ismail, MH; Madsen, JS; Lee, KWK; Sørensen, SJ; Givskov, M; Burmølle, M; Rice, SA; McDougald, D; Zhou, N-Y
2022-05-16Protozoal food vacuoles enhance transformation in Vibrio cholerae through SOS-regulated DNA integration.Rahman, MH; Mahbub, KR; Espinoza-Vergara, G; Ritchie, A; Hoque, MM; Noorian, P; Cole, L; McDougald, D; Labbate, M
2022-01-12Adaptation to an amoeba host leads to Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates with attenuated virulence.Leong, W; Poh, WH; Williams, J; Lutz, C; Hoque, MM; Poh, YH; Yee, BYK; Chua, C; Givskov, M; Sanderson-Smith, M; Rice, SA; McDougald, D
2022-01-01Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates co-incubated with Acanthamoeba castellanii exhibit phenotypes similar to chronic cystic fibrosis isolatesLeong, W; Lutz, C; Williams, J; Poh, YH; Yee, BYK; Chua, C; Rice, S; Givskov, M; Sanderson-Smith, M; McDougald, D
2022Bacterial biofilm colonization and succession in tropical marine waters are similar across different types of stone materials used in seawall construction.Summers, S; Pek, YS; Vinod, DP; McDougald, D; Todd, PA; Birch, WR; Rice, SA
2022Editorial: Insights in biofilms: 2021.Gilmore, BF; McDougald, D; Beloin, C
2021-11-03Loss of the acetate switch in <i>Vibrio vulnificus</i> enhances predation defence against <i>Tetrahymena pyriformis</i>.Rasheedkhan Regina, V; Noorian, P; Bo Wen, CS; Constancias, F; Kaliyamoorthy, E; Booth, SC; Espinoza-Vergara, G; Rice, SA; McDougald, D
2021-10-15Adaptation to an amoeba host drives selection of virulence-associated traits in Vibrio cholerae.Hoque, MM; Noorian, P; Espinoza-Vergara, G; Manuneedhi Cholan, P; Kim, M; Rahman, MH; Labbate, M; Rice, SA; Pernice, M; Oehlers, SH; McDougald, D
2021-09-22Carbon starvation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms selects for dispersal insensitive mutants.Nair, HAS; Subramoni, S; Poh, WH; Hasnuddin, NTB; Tay, M; Givskov, M; Tolker-Nielsen, T; Kjelleberg, S; McDougald, D; Rice, SA
2021-08-15The Repressor C Protein, Pf4r, Controls Superinfection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 by the Pf4 Filamentous Phage and Regulates Host Gene ExpressionIsmail, MH; Michie, KA; Goh, YF; Noorian, P; Kjelleberg, S; Duggin, IG; McDougald, D; Rice, SA
2021-06-19Differential Response of the Microbiome of Pocillopora acuta to Reciprocal Transplantation Within SingaporeDeignan, LK; McDougald, D
2021-03-27Microbial predation accelerates granulation and modulates microbial community composition.Chan, SH; Ismail, MH; Tan, CH; Rice, SA; McDougald, D
2021-01-19Microbial Predation Accelerates Granulation and Modulates Microbial Community CompositionChan, SH; Ismail, MH; Tan, CH; Rice, SA; McDougald, D
2021-01Speciality Grand Challenge for "Biofilms".Beloin, C; McDougald, D
2020-07Pseudomonas 2019 meeting report.Hardie, KR; Mathee, K; Schweizer, HP; Dietrich, LE; Welch, M; de Kievit, T; Nguyen, D; Kivisaar, M; Dandekar, AA; McDougald, D; Winstanley, C
2020-04Protozoa hosts lead to virulence.McDougald, D; Longford, SR
2020-01-22Contact- and Water-Mediated Effects of Macroalgae on the Physiology and Microbiome of Three Indo-Pacific Coral SpeciesFong, J; Deignan, LK; Bauman, AG; Steinberg, PD; McDougald, D; Todd, PA
2020-01-21The Impact of Protozoan Predation on the Pathogenicity of Vibrio choleraeEspinoza-Vergara, G; Hoque, MM; McDougald, D; Noorian, P
2019-12-01Vibrio cholerae residing in food vacuoles expelled by protozoa are more infectious in vivoEspinoza-Vergara, G; Noorian, P; Silva-Valenzuela, CA; Raymond, BBA; Allen, C; Hoque, MM; Sun, S; Johnson, MS; Pernice, M; Kjelleberg, S; Djordjevic, SP; Labbate, M; Camilli, A; McDougald, D
2019-08-15A comparative study on nitric oxide and hypochlorite as a membrane cleaning agent to minimise biofilm growth in a membrane bioreactor (MBR) processJo, Y; Johir, MAH; Cho, Y; Naidu, G; Rice, SA; McDougald, D; Kandasamy, J; Vigneswaran, S; Sun, S