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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12-01Single-Pixel Diffuser CameraLiu, B; Wang, F; Chen, C; McGloin, D
2021-10-01Self-evolving ghost imagingLiu, B; Wang, F; Chen, C; Dong, F; McGloin, D
2021-07-01Sub-Terahertz 3-D Printed All-Dielectric Low-Cost Low-Profile Lens-Integrated Polarization Beam SplitterZhu, J; Yang, Y; McGloin, D; Liao, S; Xue, Q
2021-01-28Effects of spatial confinement on migratory properties of Dictyostelium discoideum cells.Belotti, Y; McGloin, D; Weijer, CJ
2021-01-01Additively Manufactured Millimeter-Wave Dual-Band Single-Polarization Shared Aperture Fresnel Zone Plate Metalens AntennaZhu, J; Yang, Y; Li, M; McGloin, D; Liao, S; Nulman, J; Yamada, M; Iacopi, F
2021-01-013-D Printed All-Dielectric Dual-Band Broadband Reflectarray with a Large Frequency-RatioZhu, J; Yang, Y; McGloin, D; Liao, S; Xue, Q
2021Examining the Effect of Kindlin-3 Binding Site Mutation on LFA-1-ICAM-1 Bonds by Force Measuring Optical Tweezers.McDonald, C; Morrison, VL; McGloin, D; Fagerholm, SC
2020-08-01Self-optimizing ghost imaging with a genetic algorithmLiu, B; Shan, X; Zhu, J; Chen, C; Liu, Y; Wang, F; McGloin, D
2020-06-01Terahertz Reconfigurable Metasurface for Dynamic Non-Diffractive Orbital Angular Momentum Beams using Vanadium DioxideWang, L; Wang, L; Wang, L; Yang, Y; Li, S; Li, S; Deng, L; Deng, L; Hong, W; Hong, W; Zhang, C; Zhang, C; Zhu, J; Zhu, J; Zhu, J; McGloin, D
2020-06-013-D Printed Planar Dielectric Linear-to-Circular Polarization Conversion and Beam-Shaping Lenses Using Coding PolarizerZhu, J; Yang, Y; McGloin, D; Rajasekharan Unnithan, R; Li, S; Liao, S; Xue, Q
2020-01-28Numerically Enhanced Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy with Adaptive Optics for Deep-Tissue Super-Resolved ImagingZdańkowski, P; Trusiak, M; McGloin, D; Swedlow, JR
2020-01-01A flexible hair-like laser induced graphitic sensor for low flow rate sensing applicationsAbbasnejad, B; McGloin, D; Clemon, L
2020-01Measurement of junctional tension in epithelial cells at the onset of primitive streak formation in the chick embryo via non-destructive optical manipulation.Ferro, V; Chuai, M; McGloin, D; Weijer, C
2019-12-01High-Throughput, Time-Resolved Mechanical Phenotyping of Prostate Cancer CellsBelotti, Y; Tolomeo, S; Conneely, MJ; Huang, T; McKenna, SJ; Nabi, G; McGloin, D
2019-04-01Full volume super-resolution imaging of thick mitotic spindle using 3D AO STED microscopeZdankowski, P; McGloin, D; Swedlow, JR
2018-03-01Raman spectroscopy for accurately characterizing biomolecular changes in androgen-independent prostate cancer cellsCorsetti, S; Rabl, T; McGloin, D; Nabi, G
2018-03-01Microscale characterization of prostate biopsies tissues using optical coherence elastography and second harmonic generation imagingYuting, L; Li, C; Zhou, K; Guan, G; Appleton, PL; Lang, S; McGloin, D; Huang, Z; Nabi, G
2018-01-01Quantitative assessment of the mechanical properties of prostate tissue with optical coherence elastographyLing, Y; Li, C; Zhou, K; Guan, G; Lang, S; McGloin, D; Nabi, G; Huang, Z
2017-08-01Optical redox ratio and endogenous porphyrins in the detection of urinary bladder cancer: A patient biopsy analysisPalmer, S; Litvinova, K; Dunaev, A; Yubo, J; McGloin, D; Nabi, G
2017-06-01Second harmonic generation (SHG) imaging of cancer heterogeneity in ultrasound guided biopsies of prostate in men suspected with prostate cancerLing, Y; Li, C; Feng, K; Palmer, S; Appleton, PL; Lang, S; McGloin, D; Huang, Z; Nabi, G