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2023-04Learning to Manage De-escalation Through Simulation: An Exploratory StudyPower, T; Kennedy, P; Chen, H; Martinez-Maldonado, R; McGregor, C; Johnson, A; Townsend, L; Hayes, C
2023-03-13"That Student Should be a Lion Tamer!" StressViz: Designing a Stress Analytics Dashboard for TeachersAlfredo, RD; Nie, L; Kennedy, P; Power, T; Hayes, C; Chen, H; McGregor, C; Swiecki, Z; Gaševic, D; Martinez-Maldonado, R
2022-11A Delphi Survey of Canadian Respiratory Therapists' Practice Statements on Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation.Quach, S; Reise, K; McGregor, C; Papaconstantinou, E; Nonoyama, ML
2022-08-20Cybernetic Approach to Health AssessmentBersenev, EY; Berseneva, АP; Prysyazhnyuk, A; McGregor, C; Berseneva, IА; Funtova, II; Chernikova, AG
2022-08-09Predicting Patient Wait Times by Using Highly Deidentified Data in Mental Health Care: Enhanced Machine Learning Approach.Rastpour, A; McGregor, C
2022-06-09Space as an Extreme Environment: Technical ConsiderationsPrysyazhnyuk, A; McGregor, C
2022-06-09Firefighter Personnel and Their Activities in Extreme EnvironmentsWilliams-Bell, FM; McGregor, C
2022-06-09Engineering and Information Technology for Paramilitary and Military Tactical PersonnelMcGregor, C; Bonnis, B
2022-01-01A Framework for the Design, Development, Testing and Deployment of Reliable Big Data PlatformsMcGregor, C; Inibhunu, C
2022Space as an Extreme Environment—Galactic Adventures: Exploring the Limits of Human Mind and Body, One Planet at a TimePrysyazhnyuk, A; McGregor, C
2021-12-18An Alert Notification Subsystem for AI Based Clinical Decision Support: A Protoype in NICUInibhunu, C; McGregor, C; Pugh, JEV
2021-12-18A Decoupled Data Pipeline and its Reliability Assessment: Case Study in Extreme Climatic Humans StudiesInibhunu, C; Yeung, J; Gates, A; Chicoine, B; McGregor, C
2021-12-09Antenatal Care in Australia: Process Mapping to Visualise Resources and CareDesai, R; McGregor, C
2021-05-25Privacy Preserving Framework for Big Data Management in Smart BuildingsInibhunu, C; McGregor, C
2021-03-11Silver linings: Observed reductions in aggression and use of restraints and seclusion in psychiatric inpatient care during COVID-19.Martin, K; Arbour, S; McGregor, C; Rice, M
2021-03-06Adaption-Based Analytics for Assessment of Human Deconditioning during Deep Space ExplorationPrysyazhnyuk, A; McGregor, C
2021-03-06An Individualized Countermeasure Assessment Framework for Astronauts in SpaceYeung, J; McGregor, C
2021-03-06A Platform for Real-Time Space Health Analytics as a Service Utilizing Space Data RelaysMcGregor, C
2021-01-11A Wholistic Approach to Human-in-the-Loop EcosystemPrysyazhnyuk, A; McGregor, C
2021-01-01Big data and artificial intelligence in healthcare: Ethical and social implications of neonatologyMcGregor, C; Dewey, C; Luan, R