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2022-01-19Metabolite-based dietary supplementation in human type 1 diabetes is associated with microbiota and immune modulation.Bell, KJ; Saad, S; Tillett, BJ; McGuire, HM; Bordbar, S; Yap, YA; Nguyen, LT; Wilkins, MR; Corley, S; Brodie, S; Duong, S; Wright, CJ; Twigg, S; de St Groth, BF; Harrison, LC; Mackay, CR; Gurzov, EN; Hamilton-Williams, EE; Mariño, E
2021-10-21Development of CAR T-cell lymphoma in 2 of 10 patients effectively treated with piggyBac-modified CD19 CAR T cells.Bishop, DC; Clancy, LE; Simms, R; Burgess, J; Mathew, G; Moezzi, L; Street, JA; Sutrave, G; Atkins, E; McGuire, HM; Gloss, BS; Lee, K; Jiang, W; Maddock, K; McCaughan, G; Avdic, S; Antonenas, V; O'Brien, TA; Shaw, PJ; Irving, DO; Gottlieb, DJ; Blyth, E; Micklethwaite, KP
2020-10Inverse relationship between oligoclonal expanded CD69- TTE and CD69+ TTE cells in bone marrow of multiple myeloma patients.Vuckovic, S; Bryant, CE; Lau, KHA; Yang, S; Favaloro, J; McGuire, HM; Clark, G; de St Groth, BF; Marsh-Wakefield, F; Nassif, N; Abadir, E; Vanguru, V; McCulloch, D; Brown, C; Larsen, S; Dunkley, S; Khoo, L; Gibson, J; Boyle, R; Joshua, D; Ho, PJ
2019-01-01Mass cytometry discovers two discrete subsets of CD39<sup>−</sup> treg which discriminate MGUS from multiple myelomaMarsh-Wakefield, F; Kruzins, A; McGuire, HM; Yang, S; Bryant, C; Barbara, BF; Nassif, N; Byrne, SN; Gibson, J; Brown, C; Larsen, S; McCulloch, D; Boyle, R; Clark, G; Joshua, D; Ho, PJ; Vuckovic, S