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30-Aug-2016Key Drivers of Seasonal Plankton Dynamics in Cyclonic and Anticyclonic Eddies off East AustraliaLaiolo, L; McInnes, AS; Matear, R; Doblin, MA
5-Apr-2016Thermal performance curves of functional traits aid understanding of thermally induced changes in diatom-mediated biogeochemical fluxesBaker, KG; Robinson, CM; Radford, DT; McInnes, AS; Evenhuis, C; Doblin, MA
22-Jan-2016Reduction of the Powerful Greenhouse Gas N2O in the South-Eastern Indian Ocean.Raes, EJ; Bodrossy, L; Van de Kamp, J; Holmes, B; Hardman-Mountford, N; Thompson, PA; McInnes, AS; Waite, AM
Jan-2016Nutrient uplift in a cyclonic eddy increases diversity, primary productivity and iron demand of microbial communities relative to a western boundary current.Doblin, MA; Petrou, K; Sinutok, S; Seymour, JR; Messer, LF; Brown, MV; Norman, L; Everett, JD; McInnes, AS; Ralph, PJ; Thompson, PA; Hassler, CS
Nov-2015Undetected Blooms in Prince William Sound: Using Multiple Techniques to Elucidate the Base of the Summer Food WebMcInnes, AS; Nunnally, CC; Rowe, GT; Davis, RW; Quigg, A
3-Dec-2014Changes in latitude and dominant diazotrophic community alter N<inf>2</inf> fixationRaes, EJ; Waite, AM; McInnes, AS; Olsen, H; Nguyen, HM; Hardman-Mountford, N; Thompson, PA
Nov-2014Simultaneous quantification of active carbon- and nitrogen-fixing communities and estimation of fixation rates using fluorescence in situ hybridization and flow cytometry.McInnes, AS; Shepard, AK; Raes, EJ; Waite, AM; Quigg, A
22-Apr-2013Hydrographic and biological controls in two subarctic fjords: An environmental case study of how climate change could impact phytoplankton communitiesQuigg, A; Nunnally, CC; McInnes, AS; Gay, S; Rowe, GT; Dellapenna, TM; Davis, RW