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2022-03-08‘Popular culture’ in popular culture: academic and vernacular usageMcKee, A
2022-02-28Entertainment Sex-Ed: A finely curated selection of smutty "teachable moments"McKee, A; Vaidya, K
2021-06-01Sexual objects, sexual subjects and certified freaks: rethinking 'Objectification'McKee, A; Attwood, F; Smith, C; Mercer, J; Paasonen, S
2021-05-28Productive Disagreement During Research in Interdisciplinary Teams: Notes from a Case Study Investigating Pornography and Healthy Sexual DevelopmentMcKee, A; Litsou, K; Byron, P; Ingham, R
2021-03-26The relationship between consumption of pornography and sexual pleasure: results of a mixed-method systematic reviewMcKee, A; Litsou, K; Byron, P; Ingham, R
2020-07-15Risk, Anxiety and Fun in Safe Sex Promotion in AustraliaMcKee, A; Watson, A-F; Dore, J; Tsaliki, L; Chronaki, D
2020-07-09Learning from pornography: results of a mixed methods systematic reviewMcKee, A; Litsou, K; Byron, P; Ingham, R
2020-05-29The criteria used by key decision makers in Australia to judge the academic quality of NTROsMcKee, A
2020-03-18What and how: doing good research with young people, digital intimacies, and relationships and sex educationMcKee, A; Scott, RH; Smith, C; Formby, E; Hadley, A; Hallgarten,, L; Hoyle, A; Marston, C; Tourountsis, D
2020-01-01Correction to: Reading for Realness: Porn Literacies, Digital Media, and Young People (Sexuality & Culture, (2020), 10.1007/s12119-020-09794-6)Byron, P; McKee, A; Watson, A; Litsou, K; Ingham, R
2019-06-07Entertainment and/or/not educationMcKee, A; Parsemain, AL
2019-06Modern love: young people. sex, relationships and social mediaMcKee, A; Lumby, C; Albury, K; Gleeson, K; Lumby, C
2019-01-01An Interdisciplinary Definition of Pornography: Results from a Global Delphi PanelMcKee, A; Byron, P; Litsou, K; Ingham, R
2019-01-01Correction to: An Interdisciplinary Definition of Pornography: Results from a Global Delphi Panel (Archives of Sexual Behavior, (2019), 10.1007/s10508-019-01554-4)McKee, A; Byron, P; Litsou, K; Ingham, R
2018-12-01Locked down apps versus the social media ecology: Why do young people and educators disagree on the best delivery platform for digital sexual health entertainment education?McKee, A; Albury, K; Burgess, J; Light, B; Osman, K; Walsh, A
2018-01-02Are there disciplinary differences in writing about pornography? A trialogue for two voicesMcKee, A; Ingham, R
2018-01-01Porn consumers as fansMcKee, A
2018-01-01The pornography consumer as OtherMcKee, A; Smith, C; Attwood, F; McNair, B
2018Ethical issues in qualitative research addressing sensitive issues with children and young peopleLumby, C; Albury, K; McKee, A; Hugman, S; Grealy, L; Driscoll, C; Hickey-Moody, A
2017-08-23Why I wasn't interested in Hitchcock films until I turned 40: viewing films as entertainmentMcKee, A; Harrington, S