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2022-11-28Gender Equality Theology and Essentialism: Catholic Responses to Gender‐Based Violence and Inequality in Papua New GuineaHermkens, A; Kenneth, R; McKenna, K
2022-05-25PNG’s new health plan: “Leaving no one behind is everybody’s business”Brown, D; Rumsey, MRUTS; McKenna, K
2022-05-16Standing the Test of Time: a return to projects developed in the Rural Service Delivery and Local Governance Project (2013-2016)McKenna, K; Peake, G; Ponce, J; Airi, P; Forsyth, M
2021-12-01Linking social capital and gender relationships in adaptation to a post-cyclone recovery contextKhalil, MB; Jacobs, BC; McKenna, K
2021-08-02Social perspectives of different age and gender groups in selected communities in Western Highlands, Jiwaka and Madang Provinces, in PNGMcKenna, K; Yakam, L; Gibbs, P; Ezekiel Toimb, J; Ulno, J
2021-08-01The Bougainville referendum through the eyes of the ‘lost generation’: Observations from SiwaiMcKenna, K; Ariku, A; Ariku, E; Sam, L; Siniku, A
2021-06-23A response to “failed state” narratives of PNGMcKenna, K; Morona, S; Samgay, C
2021-06-01A School Perspective on School-Embedded Initial Teacher EducationGalvin, A; Ryan, P; McKenna, K; Pollard, M
2021-05-03The social perspectives of different age and gender groups in Dimer community, Madang province, Papua New GuineaMcKenna, K; Gibbs, P; Yakam, L; Philip, J; Sidney, S; Pitala, I
2021-01-01Signs of “The End Times”: Perspectives on Climate Change Among Market Sellers in Madang, Papua New GuineaMcKenna, K; Yakam, LT
2020-08-14Social media and intimate partner violence in PNGMcKenna, K; Nasale, P; Nongkas, R
2020-05-20Increasing blended and online learning in PNG universities: the DWU experienceAime, A; Lyokao, P; McKenna, K; Namun, K; Nasale, P; Pelly Larsh, H; Schuele, E; Vamilat, M; Yegiora, B; Warua, G
2020-03-13Papua New Guinea: Journey to AmbulluaMcKenna, K; Gibbs, P; Yakam, L; Ulno, J
2020-01-30The Bougainville referendum: Celebrations turn to sadness and hopeMcKenna, K
2020-01-01Engaging Communities and Government in Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Adaptation in Papua New GuineaJacobs, B; McKenna, K; Boronyak, L; Dem, F; Sui, S; Pomoh, K; Jimbudo, M; Maraia, H
2019-12-09The celebratory Bougainville referendum – stories from SiwaiMcKenna, K; Ariku, A; Ariku, E; Sam, L; Siniku, A
2019-07-26The Bougainville Referendum: James Marape’s biggest challenge or biggest opportunity?McKenna, K
2019-07-03Community responses to the effects of climate change in PNGMcKenna, K; Jacobs, B; Sui, S; Boronyak, L; Dem, F; Pomoh, K; Jimbudo, M; Maraia, H
2019-05-01Perception of the public on the law as a deterrent to sorcery accusation related violence, Madang Province, PNGMcKenna, K; Gibbs, P; Yakam, L
2019-04-03“It’s a Great Idea for Other People”: Cohousing as a Housing Option for Older AustraliansRiedy, C; Wynne, L; McKenna, K; Daly, M