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2021Non-equilibrium 2, 4-DCP uptake onto pine chips from aqueous solutions.Hossain, SMG; McLaughlan, RG
2018-06-01LNAPL transmissivity as a remediation metric in complex sites under water table fluctuationsGatsios, E; García-Rincón, J; Rayner, JL; McLaughlan, RG; Davis, GB
2015-06-26Zinc sorption by permanganate treated pine chipsMcLaughlan, RG; Hossain, SMG; Al-Mashaqbeh, OA
2015-04-30Effect of Curing and Mixing Methods on the Compressive Strength of Mortar Containing OilMcLaughlan, RG; Almabrok, MH; Vessalas, K
2013-08-12Characterisation of cement mortar containing oil-contaminated aggregatesAlmabrok, MH; McLaughlan, RG; Vessalas, K
2013-01Kinetic investigations of oxidation of chlorophenols by permanganateHossain, S; McLaughlan, RG
2012-11-01Non-equilibrium zinc uptake onto compost particles from synthetic stormwaterAl-Mashaqbeh, O; McLaughlan, RG
2012-08-01Sorption of chlorophenols from aqueous solution by granular activated carbon, filter coal, pine and hardwoodHossain, GSM; McLaughlan, RG
2012-04-01Occurrence of rate limited sorption in stormwater biofiltration systemsAl-Mashaqbeh, O; McLaughlan, RG
2012-03-01Oxidation of chlorophenols in aqueous solution by excess potassium permanganateHossain, SMG; McLaughlan, RG
2009-05-01Simple models for the release kinetics of dissolved organic carbon from woody filtration mediaMcLaughlan, RG; Al-Mashaqbeh, O
2009-01-01Hydraulics stability of compost-based filtration mediaAl-Mashaqbeh, O; McLaughlan, RG
2009-01-01Effect of media type and particle size on dissolved organic carbon release from woody filtration mediaMcLaughlan, RG; Al-Mashaqbeh, O
2009-01Online Role-Based Learning Teaching Designs for Teaching Complex Decision MakingMcLaughlan, RG; Kirkpatrick, D; Lockyer, L; Bennett, S; Agostinho, S; Harper, B; Wollongong, UO; Australia
2007-12-01Using online roleplay simulations for teaching sustainability principles to engineering studentsMaier, HR; Baron, J; McLaughlan, RG
2007-05-30Instructional strategies to educate for sustainability in technology assessmentMcLaughlan, RG
2006-01Hydraulic Stability of Compost Based Filtration MediaAlmashaqbeh, O; McLaughlan, RG; Carmody, J
2006-01Towards a mapping of the field of e-learningAlexander, SA; Harper, C; Anderson, TK; Golja, T; Lowe, DB; McLaughlan, RG; Schaverien, LR; Thompson, DG; Kommers, P; Richards, G
2005-01Dissolved Organic Carbon Leaching From Compost Based Filtration MediaAlmashaqbeh, O; Tao, X; McLaughlan, RG; Khanna, N; Barton, B; Beal, R; Cornforth, A; Elmahi, A; McRae, J; Seelsaen, N; Shalav, A
2005-01Online Text-based Roleplay-Simulation: The Challenges AheadMcLaughlan, RG; Kirkpatrick, D; Becketts, P