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1-Dec-2017Report from Finland: Luxury and Museum Exhibitions in the Year '100 Years of Finland', with a focus on 'Pitsi on Pop/Lace and Luxury': Salo Art Museum/Salon taidemuseo, West FinlandMcNeil, PK
1-Oct-2017Macaroni Men and Eighteenth-Century Fashion Culture - 'The Vulgar Tongue'McNeil, PK
1-May-2017Le Luxe en place(s): espace et omnipresenceMcNeil, PK; Riello, G
1-Mar-2017Around the Hill End TableMcNeil, PK; Alvarez, L; Deacon, K
2017‘Beauty in Search of Knowledge’: from fashion doll to the world of printMcNeil, PK; Welch, E
26-May-2016Luxury: A Rich HistoryMcNeil, PK; Riello, G
2016‘Despots of Elegance’: Men’s Fashion 1715-1910McNeil, PK; Takeda, SS; Spilker, KD; Esguerra, C
2016Georg Simmel: The ‘Philosophical Monet’McNeil, PK; Rocamora, A; Smelik, A
24-Sep-2015“Fashions In Living”: The Duke And Duchess Of Windsor, 4, Route Du Champs d’Entraînement, ParisMcNeil, PK; Lasc, A; Downey, G; Taylor, M
30-Mar-2015Luxury and Fashion in the Long Eighteenth CenturyMcNeil, PK; Riello, G; Avery, V; Calaresu, M; Laven, M
2015Ideology, Fashion and the Darlys Macaroni PrintsMcNeil, PK; Marzal, SR; Stiebel, GD
Jan-2014Fashion Writing and Criticism: History, Theory, PracticeMcNeil, PK; Miller, S
Jan-2013"Movement and Pep": Re-animating the Duchess of Windsor's Lifestyle FashionsMcNeil, PK; Schlittler, AB; Tietze, K
Jan-2013Conspicuous Waist: Queer Dress in the "Long Eighteenth Century"McNeil, PK; Steele, V
Jan-2013"Beyond the horizon of hair": Masculinity, nationhood and fashion in the Anglo-French Eighteenth centuryMcNeil, PK; Fresit, D; Schmekel, F
Jan-2013Domestic EnvironmentsMcNeil, PK; Hetherington, M
Jan-2013Donald Friend (1915-1989) 'Love Me Sailor' 1949McNeil, PK
Jan-2013Coiffures et postiches: extravagances capillaires au XVIIIe siecleMcNeil, PK
Jan-2013Thea Proctor: Towards a stylish AustraliaMcNeil, PK; Edwards, D; Mimmocchi, D
Jan-2012Fashion HousesMcNeil, PK; McNeil, P; Wallenberg, L