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2023-04Evaluation of performance of metal oxide electronic nose for detection of aflatoxin in artificially and naturally contaminated maizeMachungo, CW; Berna, AZ; McNevin, D; Wang, R; Harvey, J; Trowell, S
2023-01-01Skull and long bones–Forensic DNA techniques for historic shipwreck human remainsWatherston, J; McNevin, D
2023-01-01Serology: BloodMcNevin, D; Padula, M
2022-06-01Comparison of the performance of metal oxide and conducting polymer electronic noses for detection of aflatoxin using artificially contaminated maizeMachungo, C; Berna, AZ; McNevin, D; Wang, R; Trowell, S
2022-05-26Empirical Evidence on Enhanced Mutation Rates of 19 RM-YSTRs for Differentiating Paternal Lineages.Javed, F; Shafique, M; McNevin, D; Javed, MU; Shehzadi, A; Shahid, AA
2022-01-01Evaluation of Performance of Metal Oxide Electronic Nose for Detection of Aflatoxin in Artificially and Naturally Contaminated MaizeMachungo, CW; Berna, AZ; McNevin, D; Wang, R; Harvey, J; Trowell, S
2022-01-01Trace DNA recovery rates from firearms and ammunition as revealed by casework dataPrasad, E; Atwood, L; van Oorschot, RAH; McNevin, D; Barash, M; Raymond, J
2022An in-field evaluation of rapid DNA instruments for disaster victim identification.Watherston, J; Watson, J; Bruce, D; Ueland, M; McNevin, D; Ward, J
2021-11-10Touch DNA recovery from unfired and fired cartridges: Comparison of swabbing, tape lifting and soaking.Prasad, E; Hitchcock, C; Raymond, J; Cole, A; Barash, M; McNevin, D; van Oorschot, RAH
2021-10-21Efficient DNA Profiling Protocols for Disaster Victim IdentificationWatherston, J; Watson, J; Bruce, D; Ward, J; McNevin, D
2021-10-07Source Level Attribution: DNA Profiling from the ABAcard® HemaTrace® KitWallis, L; Hitchcock, C; McNevin, D; Raymond, J
2021-06-10Proposed Framework for Comparison of Continuous Probabilistic Genotyping Systems amongst Different LaboratoriesMcNevin, D; Wright, K; Barash, M; Gomes, S; Jamieson, A; Chaseling, J
2021-06-08Systematic benchmarking of tools for CpG methylation detection from nanopore sequencingYuen, ZW-S; Srivastava, A; Daniel, R; McNevin, D; Jack, C; Eyras, E
2021Online Population Data Resources for Forensic SNP Analysis with Massively Parallel Sequencing: An Overview of Online Population Data for Forensic PurposesPhillips, C; Amigo, J; McNevin, D; de la Puente, M; Cheung, EYY; Victoria Lareu, M
2020-10-15Systematic benchmarking of tools for CpG methylation detection from Nanopore sequencingYuen, ZW-S; Srivastava, A; Daniel, R; McNevin, D; Jack, C; Eyras, E
2020-10Comparison of Genome-Wide Association Scans for Quantitative and Observational Measures of Human Hair Curvature.Ho, YYW; Mina-Vargas, A; Zhu, G; Brims, M; McNevin, D; Montgomery, GW; Martin, NG; Medland, SE; Painter, JN
2020-07-12Degradation of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA after γ-irradiation and its effect on forensic genotyping.Goodwin, C; Wotherspoon, A; Gahan, ME; McNevin, D
2020-03Forensic inference of biogeographical ancestry from genotype: The Genetic Ancestry LabMcNevin, D
2019-12-01An international consideration of a standards-based approach to forensic genetic genealogyScudder, N; Robertson, J; Kelty, SF; Walsh, SJ; McNevin, D
2019-11-01Performance of ancestry-informative SNP and microhaplotype markersCheung, EYY; Phillips, C; Eduardoff, M; Lareu, MV; McNevin, D