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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2017Sums of certain products of fibonacci & Lucas numbers-part IIIMelham, RS
1-Aug-2017Closed forms for certain fibonacci type sums that involve second order productsMelham, RS
1-May-2017Closed forms for finite sums of weighted products of generalized Fibonacci numbersMelham, RS
1-May-2017Closed forms for finite sums of weighted products of the sine and cosine functionsMelham, RS
12-May-2014Finite reciprocal sums involving summands that are balanced products of generalized fibonacci numbersMelham, RS
1-Jan-2014Finite sums that involve reciprocals of products of generalized Fibonacci numbersMelham, RS
1-Nov-2010More on combinations of higher powers of fibonacci numbersMelham, RS
1-Aug-2010On certain combinations of higher powers of Fibonacci numbersMelham, RS
1-May-2010On the representation of certain reals via the golden ratioMelham, RS
1-Dec-2009Families of rational numbers with predictable Engel product expansionsMelham, RS
1-Apr-2008Probable prime tests for generalized mersenne numbersMelham, RS
1-Aug-2007Some theorems involving powers of generalized Fibonacci numbers at non-equidistant pointsBruckman, PS; Melham, RS
1-May-2004Ye olde Fibonacci curiosity shoppe revisitedMelham, RS
1-Feb-2004Certain classes of finite sums that involve generalized Fibonacci and Lucas numbersMelham, RS
1-Jun-2003A three-variable identity involving cubes of fibonacci numbersMelham, RS
1-Feb-2003On some reciprocal sums of brousseau: An alternative approach to that of CarlitzMelham, RS
1-Dec-2002Reduction formulas for the summation of reciprocals in certain second-order recurring sequencesMelham, RS
1-Jun-2001Summation of reciprocals which involve products of terms from generalized Fibonacci sequences-part IIMelham, RS
1-Nov-1999Some analogs of the identity F<sup>2</sup><inf>n</inf> + F<sup>2</sup><inf>n+1</inf> = F<inf>2n+1</inf>Melham, RS
1-Aug-1999Lucas sequences and functions of a 4-BY-4 matrixMelham, RS