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2022Exploring Variability of Trichodesmium Photophysiology Using Multi-Excitation Wavelength Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometry.Zhu, Y; Feng, Y; Browning, TJ; Wen, Z; Hughes, DJ; Hao, Q; Zhang, R; Meng, Q; Wells, ML; Jiang, Z; Dissanayake, PAKN; Priyadarshani, WNC; Shou, L; Zeng, J; Chai, F
2022Sex-Specific Associations Between Serum Phosphate Concentration and Cardiometabolic Disease: A Cohort Study on the Community-Based Older Chinese Population.Lan, Q; Zhang, Y; Lin, F; Meng, Q; Buys, N; Fan, H; Sun, J
2021-12-01PUMPNET: a deep learning approach to pump operation detectionMa, L; Meng, Q; Pan, S; Liebman, A
2021-11-01An investigation of impact resistance capacity of polypropylene (PP) added plasterboard subjected to soft-body impactMeng, Q; Zhang, X; Hao, H; James, I; Beel, M
2021-04-19Multi-level hyperedge distillation for social linking prediction on sparsely observed networksSun, X; Yin, H; Liu, B; Chen, H; Meng, Q; Han, W; Cao, J
2021-04-01A study of pressure characteristics of methane explosion in a 20 m buried tunnel and influence on structural behaviour of concrete elementsMeng, Q; Wu, C; Li, J; Wu, P; Xu, S; Wang, Z
2021-04-01L-SHADE-E: Ensemble of two differential evolution algorithms originating from L-SHADEWang, X; Li, C; Zhu, J; Meng, Q
2021-02-16The 2021 battery technology roadmapMa, J; Li, Y; Grundish, NS; Goodenough, JB; Chen, Y; Guo, L; Peng, Z; Qi, X; Yang, F; Qie, L; Wang, C-A; Huang, B; Huang, Z; Chen, L; Su, D; Wang, G; Peng, X; Chen, Z; Yang, J; He, S; Zhang, X; Yu, H; Fu, C; Jiang, M; Deng, W; Sun, C-F; Pan, Q; Tang, Y; Li, X; Ji, X; Wan, F; Niu, Z; Lian, F; Wang, C; Wallace, GG; Fan, M; Meng, Q; Xin, S; Guo, Y-G; Wan, L-J
2020-10-01Steel/basalt rebar reinforced Ultra-High Performance Concrete components against methane-air explosion loadsMeng, Q; Wu, C; Li, J; Liu, Z; Wu, P; Yang, Y; Wang, Z
2020-06-20Steel fibre reinforced alkali-activated geopolymer concrete slabs subjected to natural gas explosion in buried utility tunnelMeng, Q; Wu, C; Hao, H; Li, J; Wu, P; Yang, Y; Wang, Z
2019-08-15Experimental and numerical investigation of blast resistant capacity of high performance geopolymer concrete panelsMeng, Q; Wu, C; Su, Y; Li, J; Liu, J; Pang, J
2019-02-10A study of steel wire mesh reinforced high performance geopolymer concrete slabs under blast loadingMeng, Q; Wu, C; Su, Y; Li, J; Liu, J; Pang, J
2019-02-10Blast testing of high performance geopolymer composite walls reinforced with steel wire mesh and aluminium foamLiu, J; Wu, C; Li, C; Dong, W; Su, Y; Li, J; Cui, N; Zeng, F; Dai, L; Meng, Q; Pang, J
2018-05-24Cost-sensitive Churn Prediction in Fund Management Services - Industrial TrackBrownlow, J; Chu, C; Fu, B; Xu, G; Culbert, B; Meng, Q
2018-05-19Action to address the household economic burden of non-communicable diseases.Jan, S; Laba, T-L; Essue, BM; Gheorghe, A; Muhunthan, J; Engelgau, M; Mahal, A; Griffiths, U; McIntyre, D; Meng, Q; Nugent, R; Atun, R
2018-04-04Fine-scale evaluation of giant panda habitats and countermeasures against the future impacts of climate change and human disturbance (2015-2050): A case study in Ya'an, ChinaZhen, J; Wang, X; Meng, Q; Song, J; Liao, Y; Xiang, B; Guo, H; Liu, C; Yang, R; Luo, L
2018-01-01Customer churn prediction in superannuation: A sequential pattern mining approachCulbert, B; Fu, B; Brownlow, J; Chu, C; Meng, Q; Xu, G
2018-01-01Cost-sensitive churn prediction in fund management servicesBrownlow, J; Chu, C; Fu, B; Xu, G; Culbert, B; Meng, Q
2018-01-01Cost-sensitive churn prediction in fund management servicesBrownlow, J; Chu, C; Fu, B; Xu, G; Culbert, B; Meng, Q
2017-11-29DBNorm: Normalizing high-density oligonucleotide microarray data based on distributionsMeng, Q; Catchpoole, D; Skillicorn, D; Kennedy, PJ