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2023-12Assessing the effectiveness of site real-time adaptive control for stormwater quality controlMeng, X; Li, X; Nghiem, LD; Hatshan, MR; Lam, KL; Wang, Q
2023-09-01Enhancement of carbon bio-fixation and lipid accumulation in Coccomyxa subellipsoidea with triethanolamine CO<inf>2</inf> absorbent manipulationLi, Y; Luo, Y; Wang, Z; Zou, S; Meng, X; Liu, X
2023-07-01Impacts of site real-time adaptive control of water-sensitive urban designs on the stormwater trunk drainage systemMeng, X; Li, X; Charteris, A; Wang, Z; Naushad, M; Nghiem, LD; Liu, H; Wang, Q
2022-12-01VGG-FusionNet: A Feature Fusion Framework from CT scan and Chest X-ray Images based Deep Learning for COVID-19 DetectionZhou, Y; Liu, J; Yang, Z; Liu, T; Meng, X; Zhou, Z; Anaissi, A; Braytee, A
2022-06-01Understanding the effects of site-scale water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) in the urban water cycle: a reviewMeng, X
2022-05The role of biochar on alleviating ammonia toxicity in anaerobic digestion of nitrogen-rich wastes: A review.Cai, Y; Zhu, M; Meng, X; Zhou, JL; Zhang, H; Shen, X
2022-04-01Assessing the Impact of Extreme Droughts on Dryland Vegetation by Multi-Satellite Solar-Induced Chlorophyll FluorescenceLeng, S; Huete, A; Cleverly, J; Gao, S; Yu, Q; Meng, X; Qi, J; Zhang, R; Wang, Q
2022-03-01Improved stormwater management through the combination of the conventional water sensitive urban design and stormwater pipeline networkMeng, X; Li, X; Nghiem, LD; Ruiz, E; Johir, MA; Gao, L; Wang, Q
2022-01-01AI-Driven Energy-Efficient Content Task Offloading in Cloud-Edge-End Cooperation NetworksFang, C; Meng, X; Hu, Z; Xu, F; Zeng, D; Dong, M; Ni, W
2020-04Accurate and Real-Time Temperature Monitoring during MR Imaging Guided PTT.Meng, X; Zhang, B; Yi, Y; Cheng, H; Wang, B; Liu, Y; Gong, T; Yang, W; Yao, Y; Wang, H; Bu, W
2020-03-01Hysteresis effect on backwashing process in a submerged hollow fiber membrane bioreactor (MBR) applied to membrane fouling mitigationCui, Z; Hao Ngo, H; Cheng, Z; Zhang, H; Guo, W; Meng, X; Jia, H; Wang, J
2020-02-01Global city SydneyVogel, RK; Ryan, R; Lawrie, A; Grant, B; Meng, X; Walsh, P; Morris, A; Riedy, C
2019-12-01Negative CT Contrast Agents for the Diagnosis of Malignant OsteosarcomaMeng, X; Zhang, H; Zhang, M; Wang, B; Liu, Y; Wang, Y; Fang, X; Zhang, J; Yao, Z; Bu, W
2019-11-01Sinusoidal pressure generator contraction section simulation analysisZhao, C; Wu, Y; Li, J; Nie, J; Meng, X; Yu, Y
2019-07-01Online learning to rank in a listwise approach for information retrievalMa, F; Yang, H; Yin, H; Huang, X; Yan, C; Meng, X
2017-07-01Vector coevolving particle swarm optimization algorithmZhang, Q; Liu, W; Meng, X; Yang, B; Vasilakos, AV
2017-03-01Top-k coupled keyword recommendation for relational keyword queriesMeng, X; Cao, L; Zhang, X; Shao, J
2016-11-17Mining actionable combined high utility incremental and associated patternsShao, J; Meng, X; Cao, L
2016-01-13Transfer learning in hierarchical feature spacesZuo, H; Zhang, G; Behbood, V; Lu, J; Meng, X
2015-03-01Long-run effect of the global financial crisis on Singapore's Tourism and the economyMeng, X; Chin, A; Grant, B