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2022-03-02Identifying Visible Parts via Pose Estimation for Occluded Person Re-Identification.Miao, J; Wu, Y; Yang, Y
2022-01-01H<sup>2</sup>FA R-CNN: Holistic and Hierarchical Feature Alignment for Cross-domain Weakly Supervised Object DetectionXu, Y; Sun, Y; Yang, Z; Miao, J; Yang, Y
2022-01-01MHR-Net: Multiple-Hypothesis Reconstruction of Non-Rigid Shapes from 2D ViewsZeng, H; Yu, X; Miao, J; Yang, Y
2022-01-01Large-scale Video Panoptic Segmentation in the Wild: A BenchmarkMiao, J; Wang, X; Wu, Y; Li, W; Zhang, X; Wei, Y; Yang, Y
2021-12-01BIC-based node order learning for improving Bayesian network structure learningLv, Y; Miao, J; Liang, J; Chen, L; Qian, Y
2021-11-13VSPW: A Large-scale Dataset for Video Scene Parsing in the WildMiao, J; Wei, Y; Wu, Y; Liang, C; Li, G; Yang, Y
2020-01-01Memory aggregation networks for efficient interactive video object segmentationMiao, J; Wei, Y; Yang, Y
2020Pose-guided feature alignment for occluded person re-identificationMiao, J; Wu, Y; Liu, P; DIng, Y; Yang, Y
2018-05-31Engineering biomimetic hair bundle sensors for underwater sensing applicationsKottapalli, AGP; Asadnia, M; Karavitaki, KD; Warkiani, ME; Miao, J; Corey, DP; Triantafyllou, M
2016-09-13From Biological Cilia to Artificial Flow Sensors: Biomimetic Soft Polymer Nanosensors with High Sensing Performance.Asadnia, M; Kottapalli, AGP; Karavitaki, KD; Warkiani, ME; Miao, J; Corey, DP; Triantafyllou, M
2015-10-06Artificial fish skin of self-powered micro-electromechanical systems hair cells for sensing hydrodynamic flow phenomena.Asadnia, M; Kottapalli, AGP; Miao, J; Warkiani, ME; Triantafyllou, MS