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2022When no news is good news: Failing to increase dividendsMichayluk, D; Walker, S; Neuhauser., K
2022Slicing vs. Chunking Product-Harm Crisis: Antecedents and Firm Performance ImplicationsCarrillat, F; Michayluk, D; Pupovac, L
2021Differences in Ethical Perceptions of Insider TradingHambusch, G; Michayluk, D; Van de Venter, T; Terhaar, K
2021The Active World of Passive InvestingEasley, D; Michayluk, D; O'Hara, M; Putnins, TJ
2020Price discovery in stock and options marketsPatel, V; Putnins, T; Michayluk, D; Foley, S
2019-12-01Are all dividends created equal? Australian evidence using dividend-increase track recordsMichayluk, D; Neuhauser, K; Walker, S
2019-12Dividend Consistency: Rewards, Learning, and ExpectationsMichayluk, D; Walker, S; Neuhauser, K
2019-09-01Responsible science: Celebrating the 50-year legacy of Ball and Brown (1968) using a registration-based frameworkAman, H; Beekes, W; Berkman, H; Bohmann, M; Bradbury, M; Chapple, L; Chang, M; Clout, V; Faff, R; Han, J; Hillier, D; Hodgson, A; Howieson, B; Jona, J; Linnenluecke, M; Loncan, T; McCredie, B; Michayluk, D; Mroczkowski, N; Pan, Z; Patel, V; Podolski, E; Soderstrom, N; Smith, T; Tanewski, G; Walsh, K; Wee, M; Wright, S
2019-04-01Liquidity and earnings in event studies: Does data granularity matter?Bohmann, M; Michayluk, D; Patel, V; Walsh, K
2019Price discovery in commodity derivatives: Speculation or hedging?Bohmann, M; Michayluk, D; Patel, V
2018-11-01The curious case of changes in trading dynamics: When firms switch from NYSE to NASDAQDang, VA; Michayluk, D; Pham, TP
2017-10-01Automated liquidity provisionGerig, A; Michayluk, D
2016-05-01Return predictability following different drivers of large price changesPatel, V; Michayluk, D
2016The Effectiveness of Ethics Training on the Development of Moral Judgement in Finance StudentsKovacevic, A; Hambusch, G; Michayluk, D; Van de Venter, T
2015-01-01Takeovers and the market for corporate control in Japanese reitsMa, G; Michayluk, D
2013-01Financial risk tolerance: An analysis of unexplored factorsGibson, RJ; Michayluk, D; Van de Venter, G
2013Return predictability following different drivers of large price changesPatel, VG; Michayluk, D
2012-08-01A longitudinal study of financial risk toleranceVan de Venter, G; Michayluk, D; Davey, G
2011-11-29Stock Splits, Stock Dividends, and Reverse Stock SplitsMichayluk, D
2011-01-01Demand and supply and their relationship to liquidity: Evidence from the S&P 500 change to free floatLam, D; Lin, BX; Michayluk, D