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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01Integrating data-driven and simulation models to predict traffic state affected by road incidentsShafiei, S; Mihăiţă, AS; Nguyen, H; Cai, C
2019-10Demand Estimation and Prediction for Short-term Traffic Forecasting in Existence of Non-recurrent IncidentsShaffiei, S; Mihăiţă, AS; Cai, C
2019-10Traffic Signal Control Optimisation under Severe Incident Conditions using Genetic AlgorithmMao, T; Mihăiţă, AS; Cai, C
2019-06-01Evaluating air quality by combining stationary, smart mobile pollution monitoring and data-driven modellingMihăiţă, AS; Dupont, L; Chery, O; Camargo, M; Cai, C
2019-05-15Predicting Air Quality by Integrating a Mesoscopic Traffic Simulation Model and Simplified Air Pollutant Estimation ModelsMihăiţă, AS; Ortiz, MB; Camargo, M; Cai, C
2018-09Air quality monitoring using stationary versus mobile sensing units: a case study from Lorraine, FranceMihăiţă, AS; Dupont, L; Cherry, O; Camargo, M; Cai, C
2018-08-01Multi-objective traffic signal optimization using 3D mesoscopic simulation and evolutionary algorithmsMihăiţă, AS; Dupont, L; Camargo, M
2018-01Integrated Incident decision support using traffic simulation and data-driven modelsWen, T; Mihăiţă, AS; Nguyen, H; Cai, C
2017-10Positioning and collision alert investigation for DSRC-equipped light vehicles through a case study in CITIMihăiţă, AS; Tyler, P; MWall, J; Vecovsky, V; Cai, C
2017-07-01Event-triggered control for improving the positioning accuracy of connected vehicles equipped with DSRCMihăiţă, AS; Cai, C; Chen, F
2017-01An investigation of positioning accuracy transmitted by connected heavy vehicles using DSRCMihăiţă, AS; Tyler, P; Menon, A; Wen, T; Ou, Y; Cai, C; Chen, F
2016-10Integrating a mesoscopic traffic simulation model and a simplified NO2 estimation model for predicting the impact of air pollutionMihăiţă, AS; Ortiz, MB; Camargo, M
2016Probabilistic analysis of a class of continuous-time stochastic switching systems with event-driven controlMihăiţă, AS; Mocanu, S; Lhoste, P
2014-11Evaluating the impact of the traffic reconfiguration of a complex urban intersectionMihăiţă, AS; Camargo, M; Lhoste, P
2014-03An Intelligent System based on Natural Language Processing to support the brain purge in the creativity processIssa, F; Monticolo, D; Gabriel, A; Mihăiţă, AS
2014-02A multi Agent System to Manage Ideas during Collaborative Creativity WorkshopsMonticolo, D; Mihăiţă, AS
2013-05A Multi Agent System to manage ideas during Collaborative Creativity WorkshopsMonticolo, D; Mihăiţă, AS