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Jan-2013Perceptions, attitudes and luxury brandsStegemann, N; Denize, SM; Miller, K; Wiedmann, KP; Hennigs, N
Jan-2012Comparison Of Techniques For Correlating Survival And Gene Expression Data From Wild SalmonHammill, E; Curtis, J; Patterson, D; Farrell, A; Sierocinski, T; Pavlidis, P; Hinch, S; Miller, K
Jan-2012Propensity to shop: Identifying who shops til they dropKattiyapornpong, U; Miller, K
Jan-2011Social Structure and Psychographic Explanations of Destination Preference of Australians' Travel to South-East AsiaKattiyapornpong, U; Miller, K
Jan-2011Transcriptomics Of Environmental Acclimatization And Survival In Wild Adult Pacific Sockeye Salmon (oncorhynchus Nerka) During Spawning MigrationEvans, T; Hammill, E; Kaukinen, K; Schulze, A; Patterson, D; English, K; Curtis, J; Miller, K
Jan-2011Genomic Signatures Predict Migration And Spawning Failure In Wild Canadian SalmonMiller, K; Li, S; Kaukinen, K; Ginther, N; Hammill, E; Curtis, J; Patterson, D; Sierocinski, T; Donnison, L; Pavlidis, P; Hinch, S; Hruska, K; Cooke, S; English, K; Farrell, A
Jan-2011Brand loyalty in emerging marketsNguyen, TD; Barrett, NJ; Miller, K
Jan-2010GLOBAL TOURISM AND TRAVEL DISTRIBUTION: changes, impacts and opportunity for Australian tourismMiller, K; Sood, SC; Kattiyapornpong, U; Woodbridge, M; McDonnell, IG
Jan-2010Multi-modal distraction: Using technology to combat pain in young children with burn injuriesMiller, K; Rodger, S; Bucolo, S; Greer, R; Kimble, R
Jan-2009Need for cognition as a moderator of affective and cognitive elements in online attitude toward the brand formationMiller, CE; Reardon, J; Salciuviene, L; Auruskeviciene, V; Lee, KP; Miller, K
Jan-2009Socio-demographic constraints to travel behaviorKattiyapornpong, U; Miller, K
Jan-2009B2B services: Linking service loyalty and brand equityRauyruen, PY; Miller, K; Groth, M
Jan-2008A Practitioner's Report on the Interactive Effects of Socio-Demographic Barriers to TravelKattiyapornpong, U; Miller, K
Jan-2008The efficacy of an augmented virtual reality system to alleviate pain in children undergoing burns dressing changes: A randomised controlled trialMotta, J; Bucolo, S; Cuttle, L; Mill, J; Hilder, M; Miller, K; Kimble, R
Jan-2008Interaction Perspectives of Individuals and Destination Marketing Organizations in the Tourism Network of AustraliaKattiyapornpong, U; Miller, K; Baraldi, E; Hadjikhani, A; Harrision, D; Linne, A; Waluszewski, A
Jan-2008Linking Attitudes and Demographics in a Tourist Segmentation Model - A Two-Stage ApproachKattiyapornpong, U; Miller, K; Spanjaard, D; Denize, S; Sharma, N
Jan-2008The emergence of multimodal distraction as a paediatric pain management toolMiller, K; Bucolo, S; Patterson, E; Kimble, R
Jan-2008When consumers and brands talk: Storytelling theory and research in pyschology and marketingWoodside, AG; Sood, SC; Miller, K
Jan-2007Task Enactment in Goal-Directed Behavior: A New Conception and Operationalization of Task DemandsGarlin, FV; Mcguiggan, RL; Miller, K; Wang, PZ; Askegaard, S; Merunka, D; Sirgy, JM
Jan-2007Service Quality and its contribution to Price Premium though Service Loyalty: a B2B PerspectiveRauyruen, PY; Miller, K; Naude, P; Zolkiewski, J; Henneberg, S