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2023-08-04Harnessing post-pandemic customer trends to fuel business growthMintz, O
2023-07-15Customer-centric strategies: Opportunities for APAC firms to growMintz, O
2023-07-01Digital Marketing Analytics: Strategies, Metrics, and ModelsMintz, O
2023-01-01National customer orientation: an empirical test across 112 countriesMintz, O; Currim, I; Deshpande, R
2023Alibaba’s Use of Artificial Intelligence to Engage with Millions of Daily Customer Service EnquiresWang, Y; Mintz, O; Chen, D; Chen, K
2022-07-12Post-Pandemic Business Playbook: An Opportunity Unlike Ever BeforeMintz, O
2022-03-07National Customer Orientation: A Framework, Propositions, and Agenda for Future ResearchMintz, O; Currim, I; Deshpandé, R
2022-01-10The Post-Pandemic Business Playbook Customer-Centric Solutions to Help Your Firm GrowMintz, O
2022-01-01Beyond Usual: [Six] Ways Leading Firms diverge from Business as UsualMintz, O; Knight, E
2021-08-13The marketing strategy Australia’s vaccine campaign needs right nowMintz, O
2021-06-283 Tactics to Overcome COVID-19 Vaccine HesitancyDeshpandé, R; Mintz, O; Currim, I
2021-06-01The Right Metrics for Marketing-Mix DecisionsMintz, O; Gilbride, T; Currim, I; Lenk, P
2021-05-26What if Your Owners Also Own Other Firms in Your Industry? The Relationship between Institutional Common Ownership, Marketing, and Firm PerformanceHealey, J; Mintz, O
2021-01-29How Influencers, Celebrities, and FOMO Can Win Over Vaccine SkepticsMintz, O
2020-06-16Your Customers Have Changed. Here's How to Engage Them AgainDeshpandé, R; Mintz, O; Currim, I
2020-05-29Australia re-opens: Seven ways to increase the likelihood customers will return to your storeMintz, O
2019-10-30Drowning in Metrics: How Managers Select and Trade-Off Metrics for Making Marketing Budgetary DecisionsMintz, O; Bart, Y; Lenk, P; Reibstein, D
2019-01-01Managerial metric use in marketing decisions across 16 countries: A cultural perspectiveMintz, O; Currim, IS; Steenkamp, JBEM; de Jong, M
2017-02-01Evaluation Set Size and Purchase: Evidence from a Product Search EngineChoudhary, V; Currim, I; Dewan, S; Jeliazkov, I; Mintz, O; Turner, J
2016-12-01A Model for Inferring Market Preferences from Online Retail Product Information MatricesGilbride, TJ; Currim, IS; Mintz, O; Siddarth, S