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2022-04-01Active distribution system resilience quantification and enhancement through multi-microgrid and mobile energy storageMishra, DK; Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Zhang, J; Hossain, MJ
2022-03-01Significance of SMES Devices for Power System Frequency Regulation Scheme considering Distributed Energy Resources in a Deregulated EnvironmentMishra, DK; Złotecka, D; Li, L
2022-01-15Resilient control based frequency regulation scheme of isolated microgrids considering cyber attack and parameter uncertaintiesMishra, DK; Ray, PK; Li, L; Zhang, J; Hossain, MJ; Mohanty, A
2021-12-01A review on solid-state transformer: A breakthrough technology for future smart distribution gridsMishra, DK; Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Hossain, MJ; Zhang, J; Ray, PK; Mohanty, A
2021-09-15Application of small-scale compressed air energy storage in the daily operation of an active distribution systemGhadi, MJ; Azizivahed, A; Mishra, DK; Li, L; Zhang, J; Shafie-khah, M; Catalão, JPS
2021-01-01Frequency Regulation of a Multi-area Renewable Power System Incorporating with Energy Storage TechnologiesPati, SS; Sahoo, P; Behera, S; Barisal, AK; Mishra, DK
2021-01-01A review on resilience studies in active distribution systemsMishra, DK; Ghadi, MJ; Azizivahed, A; Li, L; Zhang, J
2020-01-01PSO-GWO Optimized Fractional Order PID Based Hybrid Shunt Active Power Filter for Power Quality ImprovementsMishra, AK; Das, SR; Ray, PK; Mallick, RK; Mohanty, A; Mishra, DK
2020Proposing a framework for resilient active distribution systems using withstand, respond, adapt, and prevent elementMishra, DK; Jabbari Ghadi, M; Li, L; Zhang, J
2019-01-01Teaching learning based optimization for frequency regulation in two area thermal-solar hybrid power systemMishra, DK; Panigrahi, TK; Mohanty, A; Ray, PK; Malik, H; Srivastava, S; Sood, YR; Ahmad, A
2018-01-01Performance enhancement of AGC under open market scenario using TDOFPID and IPFC controllerMishra, DK; Panigrahi, TK; Ray, PK; Mohanty, A