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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-09Curse ov Dialect, Wooden Tongues 2006Attfield, S; Stratton, J; Dale, J; Mitchell, T
2017-01-02Lorde: a mole in the mainstream?Mitchell, T
2015Icelandic hip hop: From ‘Selling American Fish to Icelanders’ to Reykjavíkurdætur (Reykjavík Daughters)Mitchell, T
2013-11-21The necks at 25: A changing same?Mitchell, T
2013-01Scrittura Feminile: Writing the Female in the Plays of Dacia MarainiMitchell, T; Michael Vena
2013-01New Zealand glimpsed through Iceland: Music, place and psychogeographyMitchell, T
2012-01One black Friday: Another look at the Queen Street riotMitchell, T
2012-01'The Asian Björk'-Is Sa DingDing the voice of the 'New China'?Mitchell, T; Nicholas Ng
2011-01Unacceptable Censorship, or Confusing Adolescence with Childhood: Another Look at the Henson CaseMitchell, T
2011-01Flat city sounds redux: a 'musical countercartography' of ChristchurchMitchell, T; keam, G; Mitchell, T
2011-01Kaupapa and Whakapapa in contemporary Maori musicMitchell, T; keam, G; Mitchell, T
2011-01Songlines and Timelines through Auckland:music in the 'Queen City'Mitchell, T; keam, G; Mitchell, T
2010-02-01The 1/d Law of GivingGoeree, JK; McConnell, MA; Mitchell, T; Tromp, T; Yariv, L
2010-01'Kiwi Music' and New Zealand National identityMitchell, T; Henry Johnson
2009-01Prog Rock, the Horror Film and Sonic Excess: Dario Argento, Morricone and GoblinMitchell, T; Philip Hayward
2009-01Sigur Ros's Heima: An Icelandic PsychogeographyMitchell, T
2009-01Sonic psychogeography: A poetics of place in popular music in Aotearoa/New ZealandMitchell, T
2008-09-04Hip Hop as dusty foot philosophy: Engaging localityPennycook, A; Mitchell, T
2008-01Australian hip hop's multicultural literacies: A subculture emerges into the lightMitchell, T; Homan, S; Mitchell, T
2008-01Second Generation Migrant Expression in Australian Hip HopMitchell, T; Helen Lee