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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-01Measuring the impact of a team model of nursing practice using work samplingWalker, K; Donoghue, JM; Mitten-Lewis, S
2005-01A volunteer companion-observer intervention reduces falls on an acute aged care wardDonoghue, JM; Graham, J; Mitten-Lewis, S; Murphy, M; Gibbs, J
2004-01-01A pilot study of wound healing following surgical excision of pilonidal sinusStewart, A; Melbourne, G; Donoghue, J; Mitten-Lewis, S; Rogan, F; Wyllie, A; Doolan, K
2004-01The development of risk assessment and management systems for medication management in the elderly at discharge from hospital: A practice development approachMelbourne, GJ; Donoghue, JM; Mitten-Lewis, S
2004-01Arabic-speaking patients talk about their experiences of care at St George HospitalBothe, J; Mitten-Lewis, S; Donoghue, JM
2004-01Dwell time and function failure in percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes: a prospective randomized-controlled comparison between silicon polymer and polyurethane percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubesBlacka, J; Donoghue, JM; Sutherland, M; Martinolich, I; Mitten-Lewis, S; Morris, P; Meredith, G
2004-01Evaluating key dimensions of the breast care nurse role in AustraliaSzwajcer, A; Hannan, R; Donoghue, JM; Mitten-Lewis, S
2004-01Improving nursing management of patients with diabetes using an action research approachCraig, D; Donoghue, JM; Seller, M; Mitten-Lewis, S
2004-01The trauma nurse coordinator in Australia: The inaugural national survey of demographics, role function and resourcesCurtis, K; Nocera, N; Mitten-Lewis, S; Donoghue, JM
2003-12-01Validating components of a falls risk assessment instrumentDonoghue, J; Graham, J; Gibbs, J; Mitten-Lewis, S; Blay, N
2003-01-01Who, where and why: situational and environmental factors contributing to patient falls in the hospital setting.Donoghue, J; Graham, J; Gibbs, J; Mitten-Lewis, S
2003-01Postoperative pain management and the use of patient controlled analgesia.Lee, S; Donoghue, JM; Mitten-Lewis, S; Ellitt, G; Blay, N
2003-01Evaluation of patient medication knowledge following hospital dischargeColinet, H; Donoghue, JM; Moran, P; Mackay, S; Mitten-Lewis, S
2002-01-01A retrospective comparative study of patients with chest pain and intra-ward transfers.Blay, N; Donoghue, J; Mitten-Lewis, S
2002-01Evaluating the role of the breast care nurseSzwajcer, A; Hannan, R; Donoghue, JM; Mitten-Lewis, S
2002-01Who,where and why: Patient falls within St George HospitalGraham, J; Gibbs, J; Donoghue, JM; Mitten-Lewis, S
2002-01Saphenous venectomy wound healing following cardiac bypass surgeryMorgan, H; Donoghue, JM; Mitten-Lewis, S; Swadling, J
2002Evaluation of pulmonary rehabilitation at St George HospitalChaseling, N; Dunford, M; Wilds, T; Fitzgerald, M; Mitten-Lewis, S
2002Developing competencies for respiratory nursing practiceDunford, M; Gregory, L; Donoghue, JM; Mitten-Lewis, S
2001-05-01Critical care dependency tool: Monitoring the changesDonoghue, J; Decker, V; Mitten-Lewis, S; Blay, N