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2019-02-27Wideband and high-gain circularly polarised microstrip antenna design using sandwiched metasurfaces and partially reflecting surfaceSrivastava, K; Kumar, A; Chaudhary, P; Kanaujia, BK; Dwari, S; Verma, AK; Esselle, KP; Mittra, R
2018-10-01Analysis of partial geometry modification problems using the partitioned-inverse formula and sherman-morrison-woodbury formula-based methodChen, X; Gu, C; Zhang, Y; Mittra, R
2018-09-01A Boundary Integral Equation Scheme for Simulating the Nonlocal Hydrodynamic Response of Metallic Antennas at Deep-Nanometer ScalesZheng, X; Kupresak, M; Mittra, R; Vandenbosch, GAE
2018-08-01Dual-polarized frequency-selective surface with two transmission zeros based on cascaded ground apertured annular ring resonatorsJin, C; Lv, Q; Mittra, R
2018-07-01Conformal Capsule Antenna with Reconfigurable Radiation Pattern for Robust CommunicationsBao, Z; Guo, YX; Mittra, R
2018-06-01Beam and polarization reconfigurable microstrip antenna based on parasiticsAllayioti, M; Kelly, JR; Mittra, R
2018-05-23Integrated GSM-UWB Fibonacci-type antennas with single, dual, and triple notched bandsSrivastava, K; Kumar, A; Kanaujia, BK; Dwari, S; Verma, AK; Esselle, KP; Mittra, R
2018-05-01A Computationally Efficient 3-D Full-Wave Model for Coherent em Scattering from Complex-Geometry Hydrometeors Based on MoM/CBFM-Enhanced AlgorithmFenni, I; Haddad, ZS; Roussel, H; Kuo, KS; Mittra, R
2018-04-01Stochastic Polynomial Chaos Expansion Analysis of a Split-Ring Resonator at Terahertz FrequenciesAcikgoz, H; Mittra, R
2018-02-01Beam-Shaping Technique Based on Generalized Laws of Refraction and ReflectionZhang, P; Gong, S; Mittra, R
2018-02-01A Numerically Efficient Method for Predicting the Scattering Characteristics of a Complex Metallic Target Located Inside a Large Forested AreaHettak, L; Roussel, H; Casaletti, M; Mittra, R
2017-12-19Antenna placement on complex platforms by using characteristic mode analysis and characteristic basis function techniqueMittra, R; Kumar, A
2017-12-19Wideband circularly polarized antenna and low-cost phase-shifters using partially transmitting surfaceKumar, A; Mittra, R
2017-12-19Metasurface beam splitter based on all-dielectric elliptic resonatorsYahyaoui, A; Rmili, H; Aguili, T; Mittra, R
2017-12-01Efficient calculation of orientationally averaged scattering from complex-geometry ice particlesFenni, I; Haddad, ZS; Roussel, H; Mittra, R
2017-12-01Multi-layer Intrabody Terahertz Wave Propagation Model for Nanobiosensing ApplicationsElayan, H; Shubair, RM; Jornet, JM; Mittra, R
2017-12-01Single-Layer Dual-/Tri-Band Inverted-F Antennas for Conformal Capsule Type of ApplicationsBao, Z; Guo, YX; Mittra, R
2017-11-15Investigation on plasmonic responses in multilayered nanospheres including asymmetry and spatial nonlocal effectsDong, T; Shi, Y; Liu, H; Chen, F; Ma, X; Mittra, R
2017-10-18Adaptive generation of excitation-independent characteristic basis functionsChen, X; Gu, C; Mittra, R
2017-10-18Offset-fed dielectric reflectarray antenna designsArya, RK; Mittra, R