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2022-01-01Intra-Body Molecular Communication via Blood-Tissue Barrier for Internet of Bio-Nano ThingsAl-Zubi, MM; Mohan, AS; Plapper, P; Ling, SH
2019-10-01Advanced gravitational search algorithm with modified exploitation strategyKhan, TA; Ling, SH; Mohan, AS
2019-07-01Influence of Tissue Anisotropy on Molecular CommunicationAl-Zu'Bi, MM; Mohan, AS; Ling, SSH
2019-01-16Advanced Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Improved Velocity Update StrategyKhan, TA; Ling, SH; Mohan, AS
2019-01-01Modelling of Implantable Drug Delivery System in Tumor Microenvironment Using Molecular Communication ParadigmAl-Zu'Bi, MM; Mohan, AS
2018-10-26Impact of Reactive Obstacle on Molecular Communication between NanomachinesAl-Zurbi, MM; Mohan, AS; Ling, SSH
2018-05-04Comparison of reception mechanisms for molecular communication via diffusionAl-Zu'bi, MM; Mohan, AS; Ling, SSH
2018-04-21Modeling of Ligand-Receptor Protein Interaction in Biodegradable Spherical Bounded Biological Micro-EnvironmentsAl-Zu'Bi, MM; Mohan, AS
2018-01-23Modelling of multilayer biological medium under molecular communication paradigmAl-Zubi, MM; Mohan, AS
2017-12-01Cancer Detection in Highly Dense Breasts Using Coherently Focused Time-Reversal Microwave ImagingHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2017-01-01Eigenspace Time-Reversal Robust Capon Beamforming for Target Localization in Continuous Random MediaHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2016-10-18Singly-fed shaped planar inverted-F antenna for circular polarizationGozasht, F; Boddupalli, A; Ling, SSH; Mohan, AS
2016-04-04Improved DORT for breast cancer detection in low contrast scenariosHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2016-04-04Miniature implantable PIFA for telemetry in the ISM band: Design and link budget analysisGozasht, F; Mohan, AS
2015-08-27A comparative study of coherent time reversal minimum variance beamformers for breast cancer detectionHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2015-01-01Coherent time-reversal microwave imaging for the detection and localization of breast tissue malignanciesHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2015-01-01Miniaturized implantable DS-PIFA antenna for biomedical applicationsGozasht, F; Mohan, AS
2014-11-14Design of a UWB printed G-shaped monopole antenna using characteristic modesGozasht, F; Po, K; Mohan, AS
2014-01-01Beamspace time reversal maximum likelihood estimation for microwave breast imagingHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2014-01-01Novel bridge-loop reader for positioning with HF RFID under sparse tag gridAhmad, MY; Mohan, AS