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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Yurukawaii and Kiritani MireiMonden, M; Karlin, JG; Galbraith, PW; Nozawa, S
2019Dream Dress for Girls: Shōjo FashionMonden, M; Berndt, J; Nagaike, K; Ogi, F
4-Jul-2018Salaryman to Shōnen: The 1960s Japanese Male Model RevolutionMonden, M
29-Jun-2018Ice Princess: Asada Mao the Demure DivaMonden, M; Miller, L; Copeland, R
5-Apr-2018Wearing Boyish Masculinity in Contemporary Japan: Aesthetics and DesireMonden, M
6-Feb-2018Dark Shoujo: Shoujo aesthetics and dark themes in Shoujo MangaMonden, M
2018The Color of the Day: Many Shades of Pink in JapanMonden, M; Steele, V
2018Clean-Cut: Men’s Fashion Magazines, Male Aesthetic Ideals, and Social Affinity in JapanMonden, M; Freedman, A; Slade, T
7-Sep-2017Sharp and Boyish: Male Aesthetics and Self-hood in Contemporary Japanese CultureMonden, M
19-Jul-2017A Portrait of Shōjo: The Poetic Ambience of Japanese GirlhoodMonden, M
29-Mar-2017Magical Bird Maidens: Reconsidering Romantic Fairy Tales in Japanese Popular CultureMonden, M
26-Mar-2016Contemplating in a dream-like room: The Virgin Suicides and the aesthetic imagination of girlhood (Russian Translation)Monden, M
2-Jul-2015An Enchanted Garden of Liminality: Locating a Shōjo-scape in Flowers in the AtticMonden, M
31-May-2015Hoshi no hitomi ni utsuru alternative (Alternativeness that is Reflected on Starry Eyes: Focusing on the negotiation between mainstream and alternative qualities in mainstream shōjo manga)Monden, M; Fraser, L; Berndt, J
10-Mar-2015Shōjo Manga Research: The Legacy of Women Critics and Their Gender-Based ApproachMonden, M
10-Mar-2015Shōjo Manga Research: The Legacy of Women Critics and Their Gender-Based ApproachMonden, M
15-Jan-2015Japanese Fashion Cultures Dress and Gender in Contemporary JapanMonden, M
2015Layers of the Ethereal: A Cultural Investigation of Beauty, Girlhood, and Ballet in Japanese Shōjo Manga (Russian Translation)Monden, M
2-Dec-2014In Praise of Sheer Perfection: Ballet, Clothing and Japanese CultureMonden, M; Steele, V
1-Jan-2014Being Alice in Japan: performing a cute, 'girlish' revoltMonden, M