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2022-01Prostate Cancer Patients Under Active Surveillance with a Suspicious Magnetic Resonance Imaging Finding Are at Increased Risk of Needing Treatment: Results of the Movember Foundation's Global Action Plan Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance (GAP3) Consortium.Olivier, J; Li, W; Nieboer, D; Helleman, J; Roobol, M; Gnanapragasam, V; Frydenberg, M; Sugimoto, M; Carroll, P; Morgan, TM; Valdagni, R; Rubio-Briones, J; Robert, G; Stricker, P; Hayen, A; Schoots, I; Haider, M; Moore, CM; Denton, B; Villers, A; Movember Foundation's Global Action Plan Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance GAP3 Consortium,
2021-07-14Single-Turnover Variable Chlorophyll Fluorescence as a Tool for Assessing Phytoplankton Photosynthesis and Primary Productivity: Opportunities, Caveats and RecommendationsSchuback, N; Tortell, PD; Berman-Frank, I; Campbell, DA; Ciotti, A; Courtecuisse, E; Erickson, ZK; Fujiki, T; Halsey, K; Hickman, AE; Huot, Y; Gorbunov, MY; Hughes, DJ; Kolber, ZS; Moore, CM; Oxborough, K; Prášil, O; Robinson, CM; Ryan-Keogh, TJ; Silsbe, G; Simis, S; Suggett, DJ; Thomalla, S; Varkey, DR
2019-11-01Predicting Biopsy Outcomes During Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer: External Validation of the Canary Prostate Active Surveillance Study Risk Calculators in Five Large Active Surveillance CohortsDrost, FJH; Nieboer, D; Morgan, TM; Carroll, PR; Roobol, MJ; Trock, B; Ehdaie, B; Carroll, P; Filson, C; Kim, J; Logothetis, C; Morgan, T; Klotz, L; Pickles, T; Hyndman, E; Moore, CM; Gnanapragasam, V; Van Hemelrijck, M; Dasgupta, P; Bangma, C; Roobol, M; Villers, A; Rannikko, A; Valdagni, R; Perry, A; Hugosson, J; Rubio-Briones, J; Bjartell, A; Hefermehl, L; Shiong, LL; Frydenberg, M; Kakehi, Y; Chung, BH; van der Kwast, T; van der Linden, W; Hulsen, T; de Jonge, C; Kattan, M; Xinge, J; Muir, K; Lophatananon, A; Fahey, M; Steyerberg, E; Zhang, L; Beckmann, K; Denton, B; Hayen, A; Boutros, P; Guo, W; Benfante, N; Cowan, J; Patil, D; Tolosa, E; Kim, TK; Mamedov, A; Lapointe, V; Crump, T; Kimberly-Duffell, J; Santaolalla, A; Olivier, J; Rancati, T; Ahlgren, H; Mascarós, J; Löfgren, A; Lin, CH; Hirama, H; Lee, KS; Jenster, G; Auvinen, A; Haider, M; van Bochove, K; Carter, B; Gledhill, S; Buzza, M; Bruinsma, S; Helleman, J
2018-11-06Roadmaps and Detours: Active Chlorophyll- a Assessments of Primary Productivity Across Marine and Freshwater SystemsHughes, DJ; Campbell, DA; Doblin, MA; Kromkamp, JC; Lawrenz, E; Moore, CM; Oxborough, K; Prášil, O; Ralph, PJ; Alvarez, MF; Suggett, DJ
2018-09-01Geographical CO<inf>2</inf> sensitivity of phytoplankton correlates with ocean buffer capacityRichier, S; Achterberg, EP; Humphreys, MP; Poulton, A; Suggett, DJ; Tyrrell, T; Moore, CM
2014-09-09Phytoplankton responses and associated carbon cycling during shipboard carbonate chemistry manipulation experiments conducted around Northwest European shelf seasRichier, S; Achterberg, EP; Dumousseaud, C; Poulton, AJ; Suggett, DJ; Tyrrell, T; Zubkov, MV; Moore, CM
2014Ecology of Marine PhytoplanktonGeider, RJ; Moore, CM; Suggett, DJ
2013-03-13Predicting the Electron Requirement for Carbon Fixation in Seas and OceansLawrenz, E; Silsbe, G; Capuzzo, E; Ylöstalo, P; Forster, RM; Simis, SGH; Prášil, O; Kromkamp, JC; Hickman, AE; Moore, CM; Forget, MH; Geider, RJ; Suggett, DJ
2012-06-08Direct estimation of functional PSII reaction center concentration and PSII electron flux on a volume basis: A new approach to the analysis of Fast Repetition Rate fluorometry (FRRf) dataOxborough, K; Moore, CM; Suggett, DJ; Lawson, T; Chan, HG; Geider, RJ
2010-08-23Estimating Aquatic Productivity from Active Fluorescence MeasurementsSuggett, DJ; Moore, CM; Geider, RJ; Suggett, DJ; Prasil, O; Borowitzka, M
2009-03-18Interpretation of fast repetition rate (FRR) fluorescence: Signatures of phytoplankton community structure versus physiological stateSuggett, DJ; Moore, CM; Hickman, AE; Geider, RJ
2008-01-01A model of photosynthesis and photo-protection based on reaction center damage and repairRoss, ON; Moore, CM; Suggett, DJ; MacIntyre, HL; Geider, RJ