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26-Mar-2018Potential application of liquid dye penetrants for serial number restoration on firearmsMaynard, PJ; Skinner, K; Bolton, M; Moret, S
2017Forensic Science: Current State and Perspective by a Group of Early Career ResearchersMorelato, M; Barash, M; Blanes, L; Chadwick, S; Dilag, J; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Nizio, KD; Spindler, X; Moret, S
Sep-2016Can "contamination" occur in body bags?-The example of background fibres in body bags used in Australia.Schwendener, G; Moret, S; Cavanagh-Steer, K; Roux, C
Jun-2016Evaluation of one-step luminescent cyanoacrylate fuming.Khuu, A; Chadwick, S; Spindler, X; Lam, R; Moret, S; Roux, C
2016Functionalised silicon oxide nanoparticles for fingermark detection.Moret, S; Bécue, A; Champod, C
Dec-2015Understanding physical developer (PD): Part I--Is PD targeting lipids?de la Hunty, M; Moret, S; Chadwick, S; Lennard, C; Spindler, X; Roux, C
Dec-2015Understanding Physical Developer (PD): Part II - Is PD Targeting Eccrine Constituents?de la Hunty, M; Moret, S; Chadwick, S; Lennard, C; Spindler, X; Roux, CP
Oct-2015Microscopic examination of fingermark residues: Opportunities for fundamental studiesMoret, S; Spindler, X; Lennard, C; Roux, C
1-Oct-2014Nanoparticles for fingermark detection: an insight into the reaction mechanism.Moret, S; Bécue, A; Champod, C
Jul-2014Fingermark Detection on Thermal Papers: Proposition of an Updated Processing SequenceMoret, S; Fitzi, T; Fischer, R; Bécue, A
Jan-2013Cadmium-free quantum dots in aqueous solution: Potential for fingermark detection, synthesis and an application to the detection of fingermarks in blood on non-porous surfaces.Moret, S; Bécue, A; Champod, C
Jun-2012Detection of fingermarks by colloidal gold (MMD/SMD)--beyond the pH 3 limit.Becue, A; Scoundrianos, A; Moret, S
Jun-2011Use of stains to detect fingermarks.Becue, A; Moret, S; Champod, C; Margot, P